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Talk about one of the longest days in the history of longest days. Got home from our Utah trip at 4:30am (some pictures here), walked straight into my room, and collapsed on my bed - where I remained until my alarm clock screamed at me to get up for work. It's a good thing my alarm clock isn't a human, or I'd probably have some domestic violence charges on my record. I sometimesalways just want to break that thing. And it I! For real. But it's the only thing I wake up to.

So yeah. Little sleep, then worked 7 hours. Luckily the coolest person in the world decided he'd stop by to say hello, and drop me off my cool Christmas present: a new beanie (I've been wanting a white one for a couple weeks) and a Coke to get me through the rest of the day. Bless his mother-loving soul, I could have fallen at his feet. Caffeine. MmmMmmMmm. I need to stop.

Then I came home, grunged on REAL food, and now I'm thinking I'm about to go have a steamy love affair with my bed. It's about that time.

Longest week of my life and it's only Wednesday.
Words of encouragement?


Sarah Eileen said...

Your hair looks hawt curly, You get to see me on Friday, and get NEW Christmas PJ'S , and SATURDAY IS CHIRSTMAS!!!!!! (which i hope you still plan on stopping by and hanging out with me I MISS YOU)

Kristi Kleisler said...

I am so glad I couldn't find a white Dakine beanie anywhere cause that's what I was gonna get you for Christmas!!!! I looked EVERYWHERE and couldn't find one so ya, I am glad cause then you would of had two! ha ha ha

sbot said...

Great pics from Utah!

Ill def be following your blog now, hope you do the same for mine : )


Alexa Mae said...

Bahahaha! Love affair with MY bed sounds good right about now.
I love you dawwwling.

Longest week is good because I would love for this weekend to last forever!!! Miss you.