Rainy Wedding

School is kicking my butt.
I just made another pan of rice krispies.
Utah (the trip, not the move..though the move, as well) isn't coming soon enough.
Flagstaff is in desperate need of snow.
My elbow hurts.
Where the heck did I put my box of crayons?
I want some Mac n' Cheese; the SpongeBob kind.
What does rain smell like, again? I forgot.. ;)
That 7 hour nap commencing at 2pm and ending at 9pm..bad idea.

^The exact stream-of-consciousness that reeled through my brain in 45 seconds
Today I went to the Randolph Center. We played with/sang to severely disabled adults. At first, I was super intimidated. I didn't know what to expect, or how to act.

The man I was assigned to was Earl. Earl doesn't talk. Earl doesn't walk. Earl doesn't do much of anything other than stare at the ceiling. He loves when you wave American flags above his face, though. And stroke his head.

It was amazing. One of those experiences that reminds you how much love you can have in your heart. And makes you feel human, again.


Britney Jean said...

love the Randolph Center.

i also love that at the Randolph Center there is a hole in the grass out front that is covered by loose grass so you can't see it. and when you wear heels you totally trip and fall over. in a dress. with all the young men walking right behind you. not like i know from experience or anything........

Alexis Kaye said...

This picture is beautiful! And how did you get to go? I want to go next time!!

Little Miss Paige said...

Oh, you are from flagstaff?! I went there last summer with my ....friend(?) (you know how those tricky summer friendships go. haha!). It was soooo beautiful. And the ride from there to Utah was definitley one of the prettiest I've ever been on with the Grand Canyon and Lake Powell and such. Oh, lucky lucky you!

Little Miss Paige

Zoe Brimhall said...

Did Earl have a baseball hat and love when you complimented his clothes? If so, I know Earl too! The Randolph Center is just the coolest experience.

a random blog stalker (haha)

Trell said...