We lie beneath the stars at night.
Our hands gripping each other tight.
You keep my secrets hope to die.
Promises, swear them to the sky.
"Young Blood" - The Naked and Famous

Got home from Utah yesterday morning around 3am. My friend and I decided we weren't done snowboarding for the week, so left at 6am for another trip.

Thus far, 2011 has been crazy. So many things I never would have expected, nor predicted if given the chance. I feel like I'm at a point in my life where I can go any which way I please. I am so beyond satisfied with what Heavenly Father has been throwing my way. LSAT score #2 came in, and I'm satisfied. New people in my life, I'm satisfied. Old people in and out of my life, I'm satisfied. Mom brought me home a Paradise Bakery cookie cake celebrating my 90th percentile score, and I'm BEYOND satisfied. I'm obese on loving life right now.

Where will I go from here? The possibilities seem infinite.


Lauren said...

Girl...I am so impressed with your score! You get it, girl!!

Alexis Kaye said...

That's freakin amazing!!! Good job!!! Looks like you could use some shopping to celebrate...just sayin.

Amelia Kate said...

Im so happy for you my dear! You are amazing :)

Eeny said...

Wow, your score is awesome. I told you you will rock that LSAT =)
2011 is sure treating you good so far.