I don't usually have a problem figuring out what I want to blog about - I simply write the first thing that comes to mind when the page opens. I update my facebook status 8 times a day, and rarely have to put more than 20 seconds of thought into what to say. However, when it comes to my personal statement for law school applications, I can't, for the life of me, figure out where to begin. My virtual trash can is brim-lined with crumpled up pages of Word document garbage. I can blog about embarrassing moments and Natalie failures with ease. But when it comes to writing a few pages on why law schools should chose me in contrast to the 924 Asian-American over achievers, I can't get through the first paragraph. Making yourself appear capable via rhetoric is hard stuff, I say.

I think I just need to move to Africa, save some babies, be taken hostage in a civil conflict, lose a limb, and refuge back to America to tell the tale. Because I am feeling 0% diverse and 223% lame as of now.


Anonymous said...

you write as if you are writing to your best friend with passion! and then spell check..love you

Marci Dawn said...

pshh. have this is your personal statement. with your lsat score-easy cheesy.