[Photo Cred: Claudia]

My body is retaliating against me. I woke up with a swollen finger (finally managed to pry my ring off, 15 hours later. Owchhh!) and bruised ankle. My theory: my altar-ego is Chuck Norris. Therefore, while I think I'm sleeping I'm really out bustin' caps and what not. That explains the battered body parts. 'Aint no thing.

Yesterday was a happy day. Here is my happy list of things that made me smile:
1. Woke up listening to Sufjan Stevens.
2. Ate breakfast. At noon. For free (thank you, man at Einstein Bagels).
3. Booked a wedding for May 26th.
4. Got hit on by a man riding a motorcycle. It wasn't this that made me happy, but rather the fact that I could hear Journey's "Separate Ways" in the background. My life is epic.
5. Oreo milkshake at work. I'm not kidding when I say that food is the key to my heart. Take note, boys. I have a one-track mind.
6. Perfected the art of walking with swagggg. Swagga' swag, ya huuurd?! <--I have not fully cleansed said "swagga" of its North Scottsdale white-girl-ness. Wuuurd. (?)

Utah countdown: 5 days.


sarah said...

maybe you sleep fight like brooke........ and i hope you have been watching oth because if not you have missed like 3 epic episodes!

Alexis Kaye said...

This picture rocks! p.s. we're looking for a wedding photographer!!