I am going to wake myself up early, go for a nice little neighborhood jog (I'll probably get lazy and change this to a neighborhood longboard), make myself breakfast in bed, bask in the sun peeking through my curtains, lay in the confines of my sheets and listen to Sufjan Stevens for about 45 consecutive minutes, take a shower - most likely turning that into a bubble bath, grub on some lunch, then work for 6 hours. Happy Valentines Day to me.

Usually I get a heart-shaped box of chocolate from someone, and I spend a solid 15 minutes chopping each piece in half as to not accidentally bite into the fruit flavored ones (sick!). Alas, no heart-shaped box of chocolates this year. However, I've already eaten a couple many celebratory cupcakes. Now I'm just anticipating those Russel Stover caramel hearts to go on sale on Tuesday ;) *hint hint* <--thanks, in advance. (Mostly aimed at my dear-loving Momma..but anyone else who wants to jump on this opportunity to buy my love may surely do so).
Happy Valentines Day, my lovelies.


Alexis Kaye said...

haha I love that you do fun things with you day like make cupcakes. Maybe I should make some cupcakes. And then I can be happy like you. It's a plan!

Mars said...

Yumm. Now I want a cupcake.