I think the bathroom I pee'd in today en route from Utah to Arizona was its own third-world country.

My trip in a nutshell:
We crashed the car into the guardrail at 3am, and spun across the other side of the highway. Our car perched perfectly on the ledge of the freeway on the other side of oncoming traffic 45 seconds prior to a semi plowing by. I think our prayer worked, eh?

Home. Catching 3 hours of sleep, then heading up to Flagstaff to take advantage of how wonderful Mother Nature has been to us these last 24 hours. Three feet. Yessah.

PS I am so in love with Utah, it's not even funny. 3 more weeks until I'm back. Addicted much? :)


Richardinhingham said...

Be better to avoid those swoops across the highway. And perhaps the 3rd world country bathrooms. Although for us guys, they are just about perfect.........

Nicole Marie said...

i miss skiing