Chalk mural we made in Newport, CA

Typically, I'm a color-in-the-lines kind of person. I was always that girl who shaded her crayon skies with at least 3 different hues of blue. I'll be the first to say I know how to rock a set of Crayola's. But lately I've been intrigued with making unexpected deviations from the blue-printed outline. I've found a sort of spontaneous adventure in not knowing what comes next. Plan a 4 day trip in 24 hours, pack the car, and drive. Decide I need a break, cancel my law school applications, find an apartment, and move. It sounds all sorts of haphazard and young and immature. It probably is. But I am young and immature. So I feel like I've earned some rite of passage. And I'm cashing in.

..in the most literal sense, that is: Urban Outfitter's online apartment accessories sale. I think shopping for home decor is even more fun than shopping for the home, itself. Which reminds me..anyone know of a good place in SLC? :)

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Jeffrey said...

If you like IKEA then yes