Happy Birthday to my beautiful sissy. You sassy little 17 year-old, you.

I just sat up way too fast and fell backward off my bed. So I spent about 10 minutes laying on the floor laughing at myself. Which turned into talking to myself. And telling myself jokes. And then I proceeded to laugh at myself again. Because I actually thought I was funny.

4am does terrible things to me.

I've managed to put off an entire semester's-worth of abnormal childhood psychology material until the night before the exam that's magically worth a solid 1/3 of my overall grade. Not to mention, the course is ridiculously hard (coupled with piles of tedious work). Alas, I now find myself drowned in ADHD, OCD, mental retardation, autism and learning disorders. Assessment, diagnosis, treatment, epidemiology. WELP. Sending some love toward developmental psychopathology. This stuff is tricky. (But it allows me to drop some big words and thus sound like I actually know what I'm talking about..which I don't).

I can't wait to go to Utah.
I can't wait to eat birthday cupcakes all day errrry day.
..oh wait, I already do that.

15 days.

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