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Reasons why being a female is awesome:
1) You're applauded if you get ready in under 30 minutes.
2) Rarely do you have to open your own door.
3) You can blame just about any chocolate craving on "that time of the month". Men usually don't question it.
4) Dancing to Britney Spears in your underwear is acceptable. If you're a boy, well, that's suspect.
5) Crying in sappy movies is expected (uh..Fox and the Hound, anyone?).
6) Dinner on dates is free.
7) Shake weights are pink. So are iPods, cell phones, and car keys. (I actually loathe the color pink)
8) Sarcasm and rude comments don't get you punched in the face.
9) One word: stilettos.


Claudia said...

9 is a biggie

Ashley Fastle said...

love! the first one made me laugh so hard.

Anonymous said...

Reasons why it would suck:
1.) see your number 1
2.) see your number 3
3.) see your number 8
4.) see your number 9
5.) many many more

Natalie said...

Teach me of your ways, jedi master.

Anonymous said...

I'll clarify. As a guy . .

1.) I get ready in 5 minutes, often less.
2.) I don't have a time of the month
3.) I wear shorts and t-shirts and that's it. I wear jeans maybe once or twice a year if I go camping in the winter or for example when I went snowmobiling in Utah(coincidentally the same weekend you were there).

4.) I can't imagine liking, let alone wearing, high heels/stilettos. They look painful and are extremely impractical.

5.) etc.

Natalie said...

They aren't extremely impractical. They make you tall and make your butt look great. As for the shorts/tee shirts, I could if I wanted to. But I enjoy jeans and dresses.

Should have said hello in Utah. I'm assuming I know you.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's the definition of practical I was thinking of. Really though, you're not going to run very far or very well in high heels and jeans are great, just not in Arizona or for biking (I bike everywhere). Every time I see the missionaries biking I cringe.

Yes, you know me.

Natalie said...

Robert Winkler. Am I right or am I right?

Anonymous said...


I knew I shouldn't have replied again. I know I've expressed these opinions before but I wasn't sure whether to you or not. What specifically gave it away?

It's Spring Break. I was/am bored. That's my excuse for this conversation.

Natalie said...

Nah. I could just sense through the pessimistic rhetoric. Easy-peasy. I knew after post number 1.