Pizzamart Part 2:
Today after work, the best friend and I decided we'd be social on a Saturday night. By social, I mean actually put on clothes, and "go out" after work. Going out included Pizzamart and Sweet Cakes' Open Mic night. Some hippie named Ralph (?) played. But back to Pizzamart.

So we walk in. Here we go again.
Pizzamart Boy: "You never came back..you said you'd stalk me 3 more times that night.."
Natalie: "Oh..I had a few other pizza boys to stalk, I got tied up."
-awkward laughs..he probably didn't know whether I was joking or if that was his cue to officially be creeped out-

We order: one pizza, two drinks, and two dippy-things of ranch.
He charges us for: one pizza.

Stepping up his game. 'Atta boy, you front-runner, you.

So best friend and I eat, talk, and get punched by some random little kid (true story). Next thing I know, best friend is writing my number on a napkin. I fight her for it, but after a long while (24 seconds) I concede and let her leave it on the table. We get up and bolt, laughing on our way out.

Natalie: "I can't believe you did that. I can't believe I let you."
Sarah: "It will be a good story for the kids one day."
Natalie: "That'd be so embarrassing if he actually called me."

20 minutes later.
*phone buzzes* Random number: "What's up u stalker haha"

I'll have you know there's a new contact in my phone.
Stored under Pizzamart Boy.

He's kind of old, actually. So I switched it to "Man". (He's really not that old..27). Apparently I look younger than 21. And you can tell that I'm Mormon before you actually know me. Both of which I'm 295% okay with.

*At the end of typing this, I was sick of Spell Check's red squiggly lines under the word "Pizzamart". So I added it to my computer's dictionary. Take that, Spell Check.


Alexa said...

I love this story! I'm pretty sure my best friend would do the same thing. And don't you love random little kids? One growled at me four different times when I was shopping once. Then he tried to hit me with a baseball bat in his mom's shopping cart. Haha.

Claudia said...

Sounds like a successful mission :)

Alexis Kaye said...

haha I love this story! I want to go to sweetcakes open mic night!! That sounds a little bit wild