I just spent the last 15 minutes laying under the stars in the rain. Perfection, I say.

I am an iPhone 4 advocate.
Just sayin'.

Today's my last day to spend riding our local Arizona snow this season. I'm actually kind of sad about it. Snowbowl's bidding me farewell with a forecasted foot of fresh powder. In April. In Arizona. Unheard of. I am so happy. Then off to Utah for a final shebang. Maybe Mt Hood after that.

Planning a post-graduation trip for myself in May. Want to go travel somewhere by myself for 2 or 3 weeks. Any suggestions on a fun and relatively cheap trip? I want something adventurous. Thanks.


Visible Voice said...

I still just love this blog of yours!

Anonymous said...

Adventurous you ask?! Go to COSTA RICA. =)