Today seems like a perfect day to head to Sprinkles Cupcakes. I think I'll test my luck out with whispering the secret word. Do you really have to whisper it? What do you think will happen if I decide to scream it? Or sing it..in Spanish? Does it still count? Will they still give me my free cupcake? Updates tonight.

Yesterday I got yelled at for texting in class. I felt like I was in 8th grade again. I mean, it's college - I pay for my education (I lied, I'm on scholarship, so ASU pays for it..but STILL!). Anywho. Little did she know, I wasn't texting - I was playing Words With Friends; take that. We also got our (12-stupidfaceded-page) papers back. The kids around me got grades in the 50's..somehow I swung an 83. I really love postponing things until 9 hours before they're due. I will admit, though; it was probably one of the hardest papers I've ever written. And it was only a "first draft" (again, what college class actually grades and edits your drafts..?! o.O). Our teacher concluded yesterday's lecture by saying something like "because of how poorly you all did on these papers, we're reducing them from being worth 1/2 of your final paper grade to 1/3". Coincidentally enough, our lecture was on developmental trauma disorder and suicide. Bin-go.

..oh, and the giveaway winner:

Congratulations Miss Heidi! Contact me so we can set something up :)


Anonymous said...

Natalie!! I'm SO. FREAKING. EXCITED. You have no idea. :)

Heidi said...

oh hi, that was Heidi. I suck at this.

Alexis Kaye said...

First, no one can make me crave a sprinkles cupcake like you. Second, I didn't even get yelled at in 8th grade for texting. So dumb it happens in college.

Connie said...

Dumb professor! Really?! Haha and no! Don't yell it because they'll take your picture and put it in their 'no free cupcakes ever again' wall. Haha I dunno. I'M SO HAPPY FOR HEIDI!!!!! She's a doll and totally deserves it:)