This pretty much sums up my Utah trip: gorgeous weather/scenery, lots of driving, and a grand ol' time with my best friend, Natalie. Same name, crazy huh? Go figure that one.

Every time I go to Utah I meet someone new, and I get more and more excited to move there. I've already started making mental notes of what's coming and what's staying behind. I'm skipping a new summer wardrobe and hopping right into end-of-the-season sales on warm clothes - eh, well "Arizona warm". Aka great layers to put under real jackets that are meant to keep you warm, not just look like they do.

..wow. I just fell asleep on my keyboard while typing this. That's probably my cue to go to bed. Goodnight, world.


thobeka said...

the last line of this post made me laugh out loud. thanks :)

Name My Blog said...

I see you are totes making fun use out of your VERIZON Iphone. I have one as well and all thoughts of getting a DSLR went out the window when I discovered how fun it was! I like the Camera Bag Ap a lot. Pretty much all my photos on my blog are from my Iphone :)