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I want to color. With sidewalk chalk. Up and down the boardwalk; then longboard to the pier, grab myself an icee, and do it all again. That is where my mind is at. Where should it be? Uhm, that 12 page paper (number 2) due on Tuesday. Or those 4 finals coming up. But no. I'm day-dreaming of salty air. And my snowboarding trip to Cali this weekend.

..have I mentioned how awesome my life is, lately?

Photography de la yours truly will be relocating to Utah. Which means one of two things:
1) If you're in AZ and you want your pictures taken, book now.
2) If you're in Utah and you want your pictures taken, you're in luck.

All you Utah readers, whore me out to your friends please. In the most tasteful way, of course. The idea of moving has be excited and anxiety-ridden.

But you know what that means? SNOWBOARDING ALL DAY E'RRY DAY!! :)


Alexa Mae said...

Oh, you're gonna love it there my friend!! Gorgeous photos! You are amazing at it...especially the artistic view of it.
I don't want you to leave though. Let's go on a lunch date before you do. I'm planning this now because it takes me forever to get something into action.

seriously. word verif: bedrace
LOLOLOL!! I'm gonna use that instead of sexy time. hahaha Well maybe both.

p.s. you should turn off your word verification. hehe

Amelia Kate said...

my heart breaks a little to read of you moving.

Heidi said...

We gotta plan my shoot!