"Girl fall into your life, here" - Copeland

Usually, I hate Arizona summers. However, the thought of this one sounds more enticing than ever. Presumably because it's the last one I'll have to suffer through - at least for a few years. Perhaps it's also because I might not be here for it. Either way, I'm anticipating great things ahead.

I'm aching for a trip. So what am I doing? Driving to Philadelphia with my best friend. Why? Because we like roadtrips, we like photography, and she needs a travel buddy to keep her company because she's *tear* moving there. Philly is overrated. I was born there; ghetto-thug-swagga'-stupidfaceded. See what good it did me? At least I can (not) talk the talk. And eat copious amounts of peanut m&m's. Yes, that's what Philadelphia taught me. And thus it's inevitably what we will be doing for the 40+ hour journey. I love journeys.


Connie said...

You should stop in Louisville and see me! I could do a shoot of you two to document your fat road trip (; JK.. unless you like the idea... (;

Kate said...

Sounds like such a fun time. I am dying to take a fun roadtrip (well, when I'm back living in the States). Also, say hi to Philly and eat a cheesesteak for me. Ooo and some Rita's Water Ice. I grew up in Philly. :)