1. Found this happy little brick on a wall right after I walked out of my final today. So long, Abnormal Psychological Development. Hello, life. Hello, summer. Hello, Utah (almost).

2. Cardigan; yay or nay? [don't mind the poopy looking hair]

3. I really like coloring with crayons. You know what else I really like? SpongeBob-shaped Mac&Cheese, cutting my PB&J's in cookie-cutter shapes, sandboxes, and finger paint.

Why do I bring that up? Because some people can't handle that. Well guess what: alongside my 5 year-old love for life, I financially provide for myself, pay bills, cook dinners, do well in school, juggle law school applications (I know where I'm going, but the pa wants me to apply to multiple schools..blehh!), and try my best to bolster forth with a positive attitude. Yeah, I act childish. I'm 21; not 61. I hate when people expect me to put on my pearls, cross my legs, and sip my tea Shirley Temples with my pinky in the air. (I'm also not British - har, har, har.) Life's too short to spend it acting like you're overwhelmed with responsibilities. We all have them.

Point being: I am me. Natalie Wall. Take it or leave it. Au revior.


Courtney B said...

Oh I love it! Everything you said, SO true! It is always sad when I see a child/teenager acting beyond their years, because I know they HAD to grow up too fast. :( I love that my hubs has to stop by the hotwheels aisle everytime we go to Target. I love that we are the young "cool" aunt&uncle because we still play with the kids. I definitely plan on staying young and fun for as long as possible!
Congrats on law school girl! I'm guessing byu law?! I have lots of friends going there and possible my brother! (I don't know if they have their plans set in stone yet ha)
And yes to the cardigan. SO cute! And the red shirt? Even cuter!

Whitney said...

After Presley goes to sleep I get out my really nice crayons and her coloring books and go to town. I love it. Why is it that shaped Mac and cheese tastes so much better than the regular kind?

Alexis Kaye said...

So many people love that about you! Sounds like you probably got some criticism recently. People are mean, you are awesome, the world goes round :) love you. I also love crayons and sponge bob macaroni. The shapes seriously taste way better than the noodles.

Christine Jain said...

This vaguely reminded me of