75/365: Finale
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I'm musing my words carefully, trying to be both ambitious and informatory. How do you do that? Oh, if I could write in parables. My parable would be a concoction of an olive vineyard, a vineyard lord, and his boredom with pruning. Eventually he'd switch to harvesting citrus, because who likes olives anyway? I'm sure he'd live to be 2,200, discover facebook, and let his crops die as he rotted away on someone's newsfeed. Or just found a different job on craigslist. Well, my friends, I'm switching to citrus. Can't say I've actually ever tried olives. But the smell is repulsing enough.

..how was that for 'ambiguously informative'?


Kate said...

I know this is not the point...but as someone living in the south of Spain I can't resist defending olives. The real good kind (like from Spain or Italy) are DELICIOUS. Just sayin'. ;)

But as far as the parable goes, I'm guessing you're switching career paths. Whatever it is, I wish you the best! Good for you. Citrus is pretty great as well.

Natalie said...

Hehe no no still doing law :)