I am by no means perfect.
I have never attempted to claim perfection.
Nor do I asked to be judged by its standards.
So I really don't understand why there remains a select few that can't get over the fact that I am flawed.
Just like them.

Honestly, people. When are you going to grow up?
How can people enjoy life when they spend all their time criticizing others.

I love my life.
Now learn to love yours.


The King's said...

so well said.

Anonymous said...

So TRUE! A life lesson that everyone must learn at some point in life. Sadly, some learn this lesson later than sooner. At least you know you are happy and focusing on the positive. I believe it was Mother Theresa that said that we don't have time to love people when we are busy criticizing them. No matter what we do in life (and this goes for everyone) we will always have a critic. =)

Connie said...

Amen sister!! It's plain and simple JEALOUSY. I mean 9 times out of ten that's why people are mean to others. Otherwise they just wouldn't care to say anything