Two more days left in Arizona.

The desert has a sweet way of making me miss it. I didn't think I'd be sad about moving. But I am. I already miss my friends and my family. I've said more goodbye's in the last 24 hours than I'd wish upon any living soul in a lifetime. I'm not good with goodbyes. I get in my car, and cry as I drive away. I'm an in-the-closet sap. Never openly. Rarely, at least. A seldom few get the actual display of tears. However those goodbyes come tomorrow and Monday.

I just finished what could very well be my last in-the-AZ-rain solo dance mission (at 3:26am) and have to say..it was a great one. This weekend has already been epic, and it's only 26.5 hours into it. Come Monday, the real adventure begins.

I love life.

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