I have the attention span of a 6 year-old.  I remember sitting in my abnormal psychological development class my senior year in college, listening to the professor lecture on ADD symptoms straight out of the DSM* and thinking to myself "yep that's me".  Out of the nine criteria, an individual must present six.  I presented eight*.  However, you have to prove such symptoms were present before the age of 7.  There goes my chance of getting heavily medicated, right?  MOVING ON.  Long story short: I lose attention in projects and get easily distracted.  Often just by my own thoughts.  Which typically are the blueprints for another project #facepalm.  Now you see my dilemma?  Right now I have at least 9 unfinished drawings in the collection of about 5 art journals sitting on my nightstand, a half paper-mâché'd deer head sitting on my desk (started and abandoned two weeks ago), a photo catalog opened in Lightroom just waiting to be edited (from over a month ago; sorry Catherine..), and a three-quarter-eaten Cookies & Cream bar sitting beside me*.  I've tried making check-lists, hoping that'd help.  I start off strong: a list of tasks with their deadlines and a cute little box I can check upon completion.  However, I typically end up turning it into some fancy-letter-doodle via bottom half of blank page.  Take a picture.  Post it on Instagram.  Never look at it again.


*Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders; aka snoozefest.
*Give or take three.  By which I mean take. 8 - 3 = 5. See.  Told you I was going to school for math.  BAM!
*Don't worry, that will be finished soon.


Eeny said...

totally know what you are talking about... my attention span is pretty short too. so many unfinished things, so many new thoughts, ...
lists never helped me. sometimes it happens that i would have a million things to do and i can't descide which one to do first so i just do nothing instead or start something totally different. ha ha.

megan danielle said...

i distract myself with my own thoughts too. sometimes i wish my brain would just shut up.

Brooke said...

Sooo happy you are blogging more again. I love your witty writing :)