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I found this on craigslist:


I am in need of snowboarders and their gear.

I am a college film student who is putting on a fashion show.

This is a large, 30 minute, live studio production.

The first fifteen minutes of the show is themed "snowboarding"

I am in need of snowboarding gear, outfits etc...

I will need approximately six full outfits.

The fashion show is tomorrow and I will need to pick up the gear from you tonight or tomorrow morning.

I will use your' gear and clothing for approx- 2 hours and will return it to you by 5pm thursday April 30th in the exact condition it was given to me.

I have a great deal of experience, regarding film, and would exchange my services of making videos/commercials/animations etc. in exchange for me borrowing your snowboarding gear if desired.

This is a time sensitive issue and need you to contact me as soon as possible.
Please, don't be shy to call me or email me.
(If you have one or all six outfits)
I greatly appreciate your help.

Thank you
Grant S.

Let me get this straight..you want to borrow my $349 board, $175 bindings, $180 pants and $200 jacket
and you'll pick it up from me and drop it back off in the condition it was borrowed? Mmmhmm. Sure. And let me borrow your credit card. I'll return it with the same balance that I borrowed it in. NAWTTTTTT. Crazy stranger danger.

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