The story:
My phone decided it wanted to go for a swim last night.
I insisted that it didn't--but to no prevail.
Sure enough, he jumps in and realizes he doesn't know HOW to swim.
That's what you get for being a disobedient S.O.B.
And now he is dead.

A eulogy to my long-remembered friend:
Oh, the times we've shared.
The texts we've read, the pictures we've taken--
oh hail, all 358 contact numbers are gone.

New phone coming Monday. Monday? Really.
Yeah. So, if you'd like to contact me, do so via facebook. That's how
I'll be communicating for the next 3 days. UGHH.


Britney Jean said...

r.i.p. beloved voyager.

incoming...voyager numero two.

p.s. --- you get your phone tomorrow.

p.p.s. --- we need to finish vision boards this week after finals are done. Friday, perhaps?

ChristineMarie said...

Aye. Luff. Yew.

That is all.

Kyndall said...

you are?? where are you in VA beach? we should meet up! i dont really do anything... just chillin!