"Natalie. You spelled Utah wrong.."
Nope. It's pUtah. Lower-case p. Obviously. Because U is capitalized. Duh.

Momentous pUtah moments:
  • Chelsi took the wrong luggage bag--'atta kid.
  • We got stalked by a vehicle-bound creeper.
  • I gave my Starbucks cookie to a homeless lady. She better have liked it,
    because I was really looking forward to that.
  • We rode the light rail--and couldn't figure out how to get off. {pathetic laugh here}
  • I bought a feather-clip. For my hair. And I like it. So there.
  • We sang hymns walking down the street.
  • We went to 2 sessions of conference, and watched the other two from the confines
    of our lovely beds.
  • We met Elder Anderson, of the seventy :] Sew much kewl.
  • Chelsi and myself made up this dance. Uh. I shall leave it at that and post the video.
  • Emo photoshoot, emo photoshoot, emo photoshoot.
  • We crossed the street--with orange flags :]


Summer said...

nice pics natalie! you have a talent! keep with it an make you some mulah!

The Nye's said...

wow, you girls are so dang cute! Those pictures totally look professional! Looks like a fun trip!
p.s. You should tell Chels to start up a blog, that would be fun!