Ohemgeekay! This lady (Mommy Petersen to ME, Jill/Jilly/Jillene/Jillface to YOU) is pretty much my second mom. She has done so so so much for me (I even got the official "Petersen birthday poster..I'm legit!). I can't even begin to describe the love I feel toward this wonderful and beautiful woman.

Today she's twenty-twenty six!!! :]]] Here are 20-26 reasons why I luff her face:

[One] She calls me her second daughter.
[Two] She bought me my first Fili-B's taco. Ever.
[Three] We read the sex parts in Twilight.
[Four] I've slept in her bed more times than you have. When she was out of town. Even more creepy? :]
[Five] She has the cutest clothes/accessories/shoes ever.
[Six] Her Betsy purse is cuter than my Betsy purse.
[Seven] She's my best friend's mommy. So my mommy, too.
[Eight] She lets me eat her pudding. Om nom nom.
[Nine] She's willing to watch John Tucker Must Die--the unrated version. Le gasp <3
[Ten] She texts me just to say hiiiiiii.
[Eleven] She makes the cutest things ever. This lady is a scrapaholic/perfectionist/amazingness.
[Twelve] She inspires me to be the cutest wifey everrr. Just like her!
[Thirteen] She plans EVERYTHING. And is so so so so good at it. She could be professional for sure!
[Fourteen] She's an awesome example of how we should incorporate the gospel into our homes.
[Fifteen] She's raised the best little girl I know..who has influenced my life in ways beyond explanation. And I love them both.
[Sixteen] She gets my dirty humor. And laughs.
[Seventeen] She brought me and Brit lunch everyother Friday of Junior year football season <3
[Eighteen] She tells me when my jeans are too long.
[Nineteen] She also tells me when my butt looks good :]]
[Twenty] She loves her daughter and husband so so much. And has a wonderful family. I hope mine is just like hers!

{21} She's beautiful!
{22} She is nocturnal and talks with me til 2am. Even when she has church the next day.
{23} She bought me and Brit cookie dough at nationals. I love her treats :]
{24} She always knows better gossip then me.
{25} She tells me I'm good at the piano (HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!)
{26} She sings along to the Veronicas in her car.
{27} She has a facebooooook!
{28} She likes Mr. G!!!! (my teaching methods are very unique *slaps girls legs* somebody join in)
{29} She tells it like it is.
{20-10} She eats salad with almost every meal.
{20-11} She likes pineapples and olives on her Pizza. Or is that Brit? Regardless..she still BUYS it.
{20-13} Ohh. She buys her cheesecake at Sam's Club. And mmmm it's delish.
{20-14} She has plastic to-go boxes and makes them so cute to give away yummy treats. And gave me some once :]
{20-15} She posts pictures of Brit going potty as a little girl on her fridge. Awhh <3
{20-16} She takes pictures of mine and Brit's boooootaays as we sleep.
{20-17} She takes pictures of everything! And they're always so cute!
{20-18} She's super patient.
{20-19} She loves the Suns!!!
{20-20} She know HAS a son (in law). HOMOPHONES!!!! (google that)
{20-21} She notices everything. Especially new wardrobes.
{20-22} She smells so so yummy.
{20-23} She has a special spoon for her jello :]]
{20-24} She has candy jars in her house. I know where all of them are.
{20-25} She is

HAPPY 46th!!!


Jillene said...


well if you put it like that i guess i am pretty cool. hahah :P

OK Nat this is why i love you sooo much. You are just so dang cute, fun, and amazing. i love your wit and humor and you keep me feeling a very young 20-26!

That post made my day. I kinda want the whole world to see it :O... you know so everyone can realize just how great i am, but then they would want me to adopt them and i just don't know if anyone else could top you and brit in my book. so ya

OK so i don't really think i am that great but THANKS natalie for making me sound good :)


Jess and Brit said...

ahhhhh Natalie. I finally read it. I love it. So true.

Mommy Jill = total awesomeness.


Ninerjen said...

Ok this is Aunt Jenny. Can I adopt you too? heehee. You are so correct in your message of my little baby sis. So this 20-26 stuff..hummm does that make me going to be 30-27.eeeekkkkkkkk!!! Thanks Na uh lee, for such an awesome and bullseye tribute to my baby sis.