A list of newly-formulated pet-peeves:

1. Brown and black--together. I don't care WHAT Stacy and Clinton {What Not To Wear} told you, it just shouldn't happen. Ever.

2. When Paradise Bakery is out of Broccoli Cheddar soup. Just because your fire-roasted tomato is da shiiii doesn't mean you're exempt from always serving my second favorite. Because we all know the world revolves around my food cravings, right? Right.

3. Paris Hilton. Probably the worst combination of the words "like", "OMG", "ew", "&^%*" and "that's hott". Ever. And she gets paid for that? Srsly. That's all.

4. Late-night TV. It's trash--almost all of it. Reno 911? Jerry Springer? What is this world coming to? No wonder children have bedtimes. Pity our souls.

5. Chewing with your mouth open. No, I don't want to hear mastication put into works. Nor do I want to watch you break apart your food. Icklesauraus Rex.


Nick & Kristin said...

I TOTALLY agree. Brown and black? nasty...

Jillene said...

1)I just DONT like brown. period. so brown mixed the awesomeness of black? NO WAY!

2)I am sooo into paradise b's new oriental chicken salad. LOVE it. and I cant imagine them running out of that one so I am safe.

3)Paris who??? l i k e realllly!

4)that is what TIVO is for. So you can tape your faves like SYTYCD and shiz and watch them late at night when you are up being a phyco insomn and there is only trash around to keep you company. i like the color of that TV by the way. it is kinda an obsession of mine lately.

5)hmmmmm i hate when peeps play "lookie" with their food. especially when they are not particularly attractive. teehee

Britney Jean said...

ahahahahhahahaha this post made my day.

oh the rambling of inner thoughts of my buffer.

they're great.