Camera-phone documentary: Scene One

I was feeling domestic, so I decided to bake a little. You know--give away some treats to people I'll most likely ask for favors in the near future ;) A look into the wife-like 2 hour life of Natalie:

And so it begins, with the demonic Wilton "clear" artificial vanilla flavoring. It had one of those "tamper proof" wrappers from h-e-double-shoot-me-in-the-face.

Annihilated. Hmmph! (20 minutes later)

Thanks to THESE scissors of divine greatness. Really. These things cut like heaven. And rode me to victory in the defeat of TEH EVILLE TAMPER-PROOF WRAPPER!

I Charlie-and-the-chocolate-factory'd these things. Yet no golden ticket :[

This mess of ick made...

THESE!!! <3
And then packaged.

Like so..

It was fun. I enjoyed it. This weekend I'm taking on some gourmet banana bars for Break the Fast. :]

UPDATE: bored at work=a little creativity. Tehe. I like it.


Lauren said...

Come bring me treats in a cute box! You are too darling.

Nick & Kristin said...

Cute box! I wish we had some gourmet ANYTHING when I was in the singles ward! haha

Dustin Nickerson and Kylee Robinson said...

Peanut Butter Blossoms are my favorite cookie ever! I love making them! I love the cute cookie box... no paper plate with plastic wrap for Natalie! Your so cute!

Em said...

Ok I have to confess I totally read your blog and I think you are so hysterical! I just have to laugh when I read! You are so great! And I wanted to tell you that I think you are a wonderful example of living righteously and choosing the right!
emily nicoll (was ellsworth :)

The Nye's said...

Yum those look delicious! They look SO cute in the boxes you made. Oh BTW the giant cupcake I made is by wilton as well--i love baking! :)

ChristineMarie said...

Oh my gosh. I'll totally be there for the banana bars. YAYYYY

Sarah Eileen said...

so you told me you would come bring cookies to me since they were delish and seriously i want them now how did you just make my FAVORITE COOKIES OF ALL TIME SERIOUSLY! i love you!

Jillene said...

It's even better on blog than text! Please tell me I gave you some of that domestic inspiration ;)

I get to see you in only hours!

Loves darlin!

Bella said...

Those cookies look delish... do you ship to continental Europe?