I have this weird habit..

Anytime I throw a straw wrapper away, I tie it in a knot and rip it. I have to. It's not even a free-agency decision. My freewill is gone.

I drink EVERYTHING with ice. For example. Today. I had some fresh-squeezed OJ..with ice. Sick? Nope. Tasty, indeed.

I sing to myself when I snowboard. Quite loudly, I might add. And slightly off-tune. :]] Ohh..for the love!

I find one song that I love. And listen to it. Over and over and over. Eventually, I grow rather tired of it. Then hate it. (EXCEPTION: Lydia. <3)

I bite my straws. Sick-le-ick, I know. This boy-who-lived-in-my-heart-once-upon-a-time got me stuck on that habit. Blast.

I draw on e'ry-thang. School notes, personal notes, receipts, surveys, final papers, AP exams...*cough*Hannah-Montana-on-calculus-free-response-#4*cough* <--AND I got a 5; take THAT AP test!! BOO YAH.

{Pretty much} I'mma freak :]


The Nye's said...

ha ha no your the cutest girl ever! I totally do random things like that ALL them time! You crack me up...seriously!

Samantha said...

hahahahaha hilarious I do random things too and all i can say is it helps people be original!!! your hilarious p.s. oh ap calculus and chemistry and physics and things that make our minds wanna doodle for reals times 1 millions!!! i think i wrote and doodled on anything ap in the world

Connie said...

Um HI! You are awesome. And you got a 5! Woot! Marry my brother, please?

Lauren said...

Natalie...oh my freak. Get over at my house right now. We are hanging out.

I HAVE THAT STRAW WRAPPER HABIT TOOOoo! I cannot help it...I MUST do it. I love you right now. (but I always do)

brooke said...

bHAHhHhHhH. So in english, we got old test and i got yours and YES, there was writing ALL OVER IT.

Brie said...

girl, i do all of these. every. single. one. soulmates? mmyes.

i ate pizza with a fork and knife the other day. everyone laughed. i thought of you.

cookies and cups said...

You are too cute...I do everything on your list except the sing while snowboarding thing, I'll replace snowboard with drive, shower, jog...but snowboarding and I aren't BFF's.
Also, jealous of your new camera! Hope you enjoy and can't wait to see some of your pictures!
Thanks for your sweet comments on my site =)