Eggs overeasy, please..

I am giving two talks this weekend.
And I am so thoroughly excited for BOTH.

Friday: Jenn's baptism--on, yep, you guessed it--baptism.
Sunday: Sacrament--on pioneers.

Okay. More later. I'm just bored at work.

Random thought:
I opened my refrigerator and saw a generic-brand egg beater carton which read: "99% real egg". This, inherently, left me wondering whattheheck the other 1% was. Fake egg?

Me: "Hey mommaface can you scramble me some 1% fake egg, I'm going to be late to work.."
Mom: "Uhhh..what would you like the other 99% to be?"

Me: "Real egg."
Mom: "Figured."

1 comment:

Lauren said...

Ah yes. The fake eggs. The other 1% is betacarotine. The stuff that makes carrots orange!