Do work, sonn!

Well, aside from the fact that I have TEH BEST job in the world, I'll let you in on a little preview of what exactly I do :]

1. Download schnazzy fonts and play with fun color combinations. You what? Think it gets boring? HECK to the NO-WAY-JOSE.

2. Incorporate robineggblue and red into every possible thing I can. Quite frankly, it's ridic.

3. Put my life at risk 492 times a day walking up and down THESE *stabs finger at picture* in heels. I think I'mma go join cirque du soliel, now..

4. Watch people enter and exit the country club, providing an occasional "Have a nice day" if they throw me some eye-contactin'.

5. Look at wedding dresses {*cough*foundMINE *doublecough*for 294 years from now}. No, I am not wedding hungry. At all, actually. But understand the environment: I work with the wedding planner {aka look/talk/think wedding stuff lots}. So so so funn. I can't wait for the first wedding of the season! Oh, and don't worry--I even emailed this designer to inquire about the price of this beaut' and if adding straps was feasible.

6. Draw nObama. Hence why I made him have primitive-like features. WELP. Change change changeeee.

7. Work on non-primitive-like sketches. Kinda fun. But I 'aint no Brie Wallis. <--luh you bff.
8. Get on good terms with the chef <3
Please excuse the poor picture quality. I snapped them with the cellular. We all know I'd go to town had I had my SLR :[[


The Nye's said...

haha your blog cracks me up! Umm... I think I want your job! It sounds so fun! That dessert looks amazing!

Brie said...

i'mma visit you at work one of these days when i get off early and don't feel like playing in mesatown.

deal or no deal?

Samantha said...

haha how funnnn luff the dress for reals it is gorgeous!!!!! and i think the whole robin egg blue is ridic and beautifully gorgeous!!!

Jillene said...

Well I think I could handle about 33% of your job.

Do ya think i could get hired?

Just think: you could add one more thing on your list like...

Nat & Jill...
hiring chippindales
planning the bachelorette parties
having cake and eating it too
talking about Mr & Mrs. G
making fun!
(i will leave it at that)

Get the picture? I could make your job even BeTTerrrrrr :)

Good luck on your pioneer adventure!


ChristineMarie said...

Ummm. Can I steal your job? Kthanks.