Amazing grace; how sweet the sound.

You know your butt is too big when you have to put your skirt on over your head because it will NOT go on any other way o.O Blast. Church outfit: The schnasty camera image doesn't do the skirt justice. I loveeee it. The lace trim hangs below on the bottom..s'adorable, if I do say so myself. And those gothic Nephi-shoes I'm rocking=my favorite. Yahhh. So I domesticated again. I made me some of these: Banana bars. They were really good! I was pleasantly surprised. :]] Super easy, also. Ahh I love cooking, these days.

And. I was going through the FEW (sad!!) pictures I've taken this summer..and picked some favorites. The first few are just random ones from family vacations. The last couple are some I shot on my own. :]]


Brie said...

whoa! that first picture with your making [may] shirt is amazing! ha.

we need to have another sleepover/dontsleepatall. i decided. you and me.

the banana bars can come to.

Connie said...

Awesome pictures! I love the first one of you? jumping. And the building looks amazing!

We need to get some recipes from you.. all your desserts look to die for!

Summer said...

i think there may be a correlation between your new-found love for baking and not being able to fit your skirt over your bum...things that make you go hmmmm.

Alice said...

Those are really awesome pictures! And I must say your blog looks great too! XoXo

Britney Jean said...

Oh my that outfit. and i WANT those shoes. pretty bomb. where did you get them? :)

and i love your pictures.


a Dish of Fun with a Side of Sass said...

Thanks darling Natalie for the comments!