Oh holy night

Last night, the momma and I decided to embark on some mommy-daughter-bonding-adventures. You see, in our past lives we were both in Cirque Du Soleil. Okay; so maybe I don't really believe in past-lives (unless the pre-mortal counts ^_^). Anywhom (yes, whom. Why? Because I said so). The momma and I have seen a plethora of different cirque du soleil shows. I think totalling 11. Maybe 12. As though that matters. Because it really doesn't. So. I'm at work one day, checking my email, as I notice that Jobing.com's spam mail has informed me a new Cirque show is coming to a-zona. Natalie texts the momma, the momma calls the Ticket Master (capitalized--proper noun--SIKE). One thing leads to the next, and we have ourselves tickets. Flash forward two weeks (or backward to last night..take your pick). We get to Glendale, my stomach loudly tells hers it needs to be fed, and we embark on mission #2: finding a restaurant withOUT a 89210 light-year wait. Margaritaville it is. In a nutshell: gross over-priced food. Even their strawberry shortcake tasted like ick. HOW do you mess up strawberry shortcake!?! Ayy. We eat, pay, puke, and get our seats. Our seats weren't very good, since we got them so late. But don't worry--you didn't need to watch the show. Why, might you ask? We had our own show to watch, two rows in front of us. Some testosterone-driven teenagers thought, for some reason, it'd be cool to pay $60/ticket to make-out throughout the entire first half of the show. We're not talking sweet kisses here and there. Nope. He looked like he was devouring her for dinner. And it looked about as tasty as my Margaritaville entree. Blech. Puke s'more. They were finally asked to stop from the people one row in front of us during intermission. His hands began wandering around the bikini area and that was that. It was one of those awkward situations, where everyone is trying not to bust out laughing. But everyone is aware that everyone ELSE is aware of exactly what they're aware OF. Except the people causing the awareness. LOLZ oh for the love, nataliesecretlastname CEASE from using that word this instant. Ceased. But yeah. The show wasn't that great, either. Don't get me wrong--way better than I can do. But the momma and I decided we've just been too spoiled in the past with our VIP tickets and whatnot. So we left before the show was done. BUT. I didn't leave empty handed. I didn't feel like wasting $35 on a shirt, yet I needed something to remember the epic evening events. So. I snapped this guy on the way out:
Yep. Home-dawg on the bottom left is sicknast kissy-facer-maker-outer. I think this was right after they were asked to hault their explicit lustfulness.

Oh. And this is me in my past life. I used to be really skinny. Until I met Mr. Pizookie in my present life.


Britney Jean said...

ahahaha this post just makes me laugh. especially because i can just imagine the convo that took place between natalia and barbie during the gross-bikini-touching-makey-outey-session. bahahaha.

Momma Dianna said...

You are sooo funny Nat! And USED to be skinny? Ummm...whose mirror are you looking into-hello!

Kaitlyn Dwiggins said...

bahahahahaha you make me laugh!!

Abigail {Abi} Fuller said...

Thanks for the comment and music suggestions! I'll listen to them soon! And that story of the makey-outey couple is hillarious! I'm sure that was extremely entertaining to watch, especially them getting called out on it!

Uptown Girl said...

next time have a few margaritas at Margaritaville... then the Ville won't leave such a bad taste, and you'll be better prepared to deal with the lusty teens sans self-control.
aka- if YOU have less self-control, you can yell at them and be real nasty without feeling bad about it!! works like a charm.

ps- i <3 ur writing style.