Beware: long post

Okay. I made a list of all your suggestions,
so I plan on catering to all of your suggestions over
the next week or so. YAY. I am so excited!

First one {drum roll please}..


1. Favorite Book(s)
Okay, srsly..don't get me started. Brie warned you. Oh well. Here we go. Now, I know what you're all thinking:
"zomggggg wheeere is Twilight?!1!1!!1!?"
Guess what--you're not gonna' find a Stephanie {oscar}Meyer{weiner}
fan here!! That's right. I said it. Her writing=uber puke.
Never before have I been so bombarded with adjectives
and prepositional phrases. Ughh. The plot is great, I'll give
her that. But I can't say I'm fond of the book.

ANYWHO. I am, however, fond of the above books.
The Book of Mormon--LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. Read it ;)
The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell--it's a classic. It examines
the effect of religion on the mind. If you're religious, read
it objectively ;) A Marvelous Work and A Wonder by LeGrand Richards--an LDS book that is by far AMAZING. If you want a
testimony/want to strengthen yours/want to STRENGGGTTTHHEEENN yours
it's a MUST read. Tehe. Srsly. It's for everyone. The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli--OMG hii. It's a book written in the 16th centuty, advising the ruling Medici family how to rule
a country--but holds a great deal of validity in
politics/business/whatever. Just be prepared for a solid metaphorical journey. Not like reading Twilight, sorry kids.
The Winner by David Baldacci--okay, this will appeal to
the mass of you. It's fiction!! The plot/writing/syntax
is incredible!!!! GO READDDDDDD. The Educated Imagination by Northrop Frye--again, a nonficticious discourse-like dissertation of the human psyche. I LOVE IT. Can you tell I'mma psychology major?!
I Am America and So Can You by Stephen Colbert--HAHAHAHAHA SO
freakin' hilar. Do any of you KNOW who this man IS?! Well. He ran
in the presidential race. As a Democrat. And Republican. In one state. HAHAHAHHA. Ze' BEST! Paradise Lost by John Milton--again..a classic. Amazing. For you poetry buffs.

2. Favorite Movie(s)
August Rush is SO stez. I cried. Baha. I love music, though. So yeah. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days uhm HELLO ultimate chick-flick. Girls love it. Guys like it. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll die a little bit inside. I wish I had to learn to lose a
guy in 10 days. They should make a "How to GET a Guy in
10 Days" tutorial. You know, a prerequisite. Tada.

3. Favorite Songs

I'll be nice and link you okay. Just click on the song name and *poof* music to your ears.
To Build A Home by The Cinematic Orchestra
We Own the Sky by m83
How It Ends by Devotchka
Pachuca Sunrise by Minus the Bear
The Great Escape by Patrick Watson
Anonanimal by Andrew Bird
Fin by Anberlin
Elephant in the Room by Richard Walters
Now the One You Once Loved is Leaving by Lydia
Just Another One by A Rocket To the Moon
I Never Wanted To by Saosin
Kids by MGMT
Here Goes Nothing by Nevershoutnever!
Love Is A Fast Song by Copeland
Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard
Ahh I can't stop. But I will. For your sake.

4. Favorite StoresUrban Outfitters

American Apparel

5. Favorite TV Shows
Cake Boss. So You Think You Can Dance. And the Discovery
Channel during Shark Week. No TV for me.

6. Favorite Hobbies
Baking/Eating (one of the same)
Snowboarding/Skateboarding/Wakeboarding {yes, I'm a little boy}

Okay this post is sooo uber long. IF you made it to the end,
congratulations. If not, I don't blame you.

OKAY. Are we twinners? A lot? A little? Not at all? Did you actually look any of that music
up? Or know any of it BEFORE you read
the list?? Tell me tell meeeee. Post
one of your own :]


cathy_philj86 said...

love the post and looovvveee August Rush and the that yellow dress that kate wore in the movie.

brie warned me about it. thanks brie! having a long list is good thing because i'll have more choices to choose from. well most of it aren't available. but i saw david baladacci books here, maybe i'll check it out. i'm not really finicky with the books i read. as long as it entertains me, good story, make me laugh or cry. lol..

and yes, i already have your button in my blog. YAY!! :D

shell. said...

Books- I will have to check some of these out, haven't read them yet!
Movies- Gah. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days is AMAZING!
Songs- I knew the Anberlin, Saosin, and Nevershoutnever! songs, but some of the others were pretty awesome as well. :)
Shows- Cake Boss= love.
Great post!

Ella Press said...

Great post! I'll be posting my list later today :o)

1. It's not an obligation to love Twilight. I do, but not as much as I love HP or Isabel Allende.

2. What does that Z in zomg stand for??? I have no idea!

3. I've yet to watch August Rush, and I might just rent it this weekend...
HTLAGI10D (LOL) great film!

4.Here goes nothing and Falling Slowly are now in my top 20 fav songs :o)

5. I wish I could snowboard!
I wouldn't last 5 seconds up on the board! :P


Uptown Girl said...

one day i will post a list of my own faves of these topics. But for now let me just say that we are opposites.
Polar opposites.
Although- I do know some of the music and like the ones I know... Esp Devotchka!

Nick & Kristin said...

Ok, all I have to say is that you should read "the host" by Stephanie Meyer. I liked it way better than Twilight.
Oh and I HATED August Rush. I think I would have liked it better if robin Freaking williams didn't scare the FREAKING crap out of me! Seriously so disturbed after watching that movie...

erin said...

TOTALLY the same on stores.

Brie said...

ha. i love that i already knew approximately 99.237% of this. and have read/watched/listened to most of these as well. with you. in boarders. on the floor.

remember that time we did a presentation on the extrinsic and intrinsic motivation as shown in august rush?

neither do i.


Emily said...

I'm sorry, Twilight had a plot? I must have missed it while I was busy gagging over the sink.

Books: Paradise Lost? Not bad, Wall. Not bad at all.
Educated Imagination...The Power of Myth...Jesus, this is starting to look like my bookshelf. Book of Mormon too. (Yeah, I've got one. It's next to my Stanford book of American archeology. *snark*)

Movies: Only two favorite movies? I call bullshit. You've got more.

Music: Fuck, I looove "Falling Slowly." Have you ever seen the movie Once? You'd love the song a thousand times more if you had.

Well, there's no fighting it. I've got to do this now. Thanks a lot, Wall. As if I didn't have enough to do, getting back to school.

Britney Jean said...

first off...emily...she doesn't have more than 2 fave movies. she doesn't like to watch movies much. like tv. :)

and nat...we have A LOT of the same stuff.

books: book of mormon. educated imagination. the prince. power of myth. i am america and so can you. all faves. what about THE BOOK by alan watts? i still haven't read it...

p.s. - whatever happened to our colbert remake? lolz.

movies: 2 of my faves also. but i have lots more.

music: yes...i knew some of those before...and love all the ones i didn't also. thanks!

stores: love all those also...but can't afford them. so i shop elsewhere usually. :)

tv shows: sytycd. that's it. i'd rather blog and craft all night than watch tv. or do the freaking dishes for that matter.

hobbies: LOOKING at photography (my camera sucks to bad to take good pics...), dance, baking...similar. that why we're best friends?

uhski said...

2 Legit....2 Legit 2 Quit!

I started singing that when I read your comment and couldn't stop...

We DO sound freakishly similar after reading your list-o-favs.

Story: My brother hung out with the drummer from Devotchka at a puppet making party...? But seriously, LOVE THEM.

You're pretty rad. =] And I approve this message.

Alexa Mae said...

i love these lists! yours was awesome, as always. you are quite rounded, very sporty and smart and gorgeous of course!

angieinpink said...

funnest/cutest post; i might you care?

i've read the book of mormon...that's it on your list. thanks for the suggestions.

never seen AR, but how to lose a guy in 10 days is always a keeper.

your music list made me feel really old. real-ly old. i didn't know any of them, or the artists....with the exception of nevershoutnever!

you watch cake boss? so do i. did you see bridezilla the other night? holy destroying the calla lilly cake...blaspheme.

this is a long comment. bye.

Sasha Liz said...

I like this post. I'll think I'll do one like this. :)

So You Think You Can Dance represent!!

August Rush is sweet.