take me to your leader..


Natalie isn't here right now. She hasn't been here for the last two days
{sorry readers--blog neglect, eye sowryy}
because an alien abducted her and sucked out her brains
to use for a new recipe that mother Pluto concocted.
Yes. That is right. Mother Pluto. Google that.

JK. Sorry kay, I've been loopy. Busy. Away from a computer.
Because I've been doing this *points to pictures*.
Yeah. Manga {is that what it's called..?}.
Who says anime is just for asians?
Jk. It was a joke.
But srsly. Those glasses are legit.
Too legit..

Natalie's normal self will be back tomorrow to continue with the wonderful
post request. Until then..

Greetings, earthlings.


Sarah said...

Oh, now this is funny!

cathy_philj86 said...
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uhski said...

maybe they'll turn out to be cool aliens like that movie...with the cool aliens...


Samantha said...

only a natalie post oh how i love it!!!!!!

RatalieNose said...

You're a babe!
And those glasses are fetching!

Emily said...

I pretty much keeled over and died when I saw you in the manga section. XD