Okayyy. If ANYONE has played this game {usually involving a frenzy of seemingless clicking} they
will know exactly what I mean when I say


Only seriously. I spend a good 928 minutes everyday at work trying to click around the grand total of 99 mines, only to explode after a good 10 minutes of strategic planning. Please note the depressing facial features of the smiley face after he is blown to smithereens. Dead. x.X

When I play, I pretend I'm in WWII Germany. KadumCHING.

Natalie's week{weak?}-mission: Minesweeper{advanced} domination.

Wish me luck.

P.S I am making a new cake. For a birthday. What should I make? Suggestions, pleaase!!!!


RatalieNose said...

I'm a failure at Minsweeper.
I just figured out the point of it last year.
Epic fail.
Hmmm...you should make a YUMMY cake!

Ella Press said...

I never got that game, always lost after the first three clicks.
Good luck!

Is it a girl or a guy's birthday?
Mmm, I dunno, depending on what they like.

Brie said...

you should make an exotic cake.

unless it's for christine.
in which case you should make an erotic cake. yum.

Alexa Mae said...

I LOVE that game. It used to make me so mad....I figured out the trick once (my dad told me) now I've forgotten.

Hmm, what about Lazy chocolate cake with strawberry filling and cream cheese frosting. Oh its soo good.

Alex said...

I suck so hard at that game...it makes me crazy! It is impossible on advanced...I do not know a single person who has ever won!!

You should make a lemon cake! Or Paula Deen's Ooey Gooey Double Chocolate Butter Cake because it is fab!

I am over here from Busy Bee and hope you don't mind if I start to follow your blog because you are pretty darn funny!

Noelle said...

I commend you for even ATTEMPTING minesweeper on advanced. I would always put it on custom and do only like 16 mines--what a cheat I am. I didn't know you were into photography as well. Wow. Maybe you can help expand my digital horizon. I'm sorry to admit I have no idea what your suggestions were for my photo. I'ven ever been taught photoshop, and I've never had it on my computer. My husband has it, and I was playing with it on his computer when he wasn't home. We want to buy me my first mac, complete with editing programs. I really need to learn. Thank you for even looking at my photo blog though. I didn;t know anyone had ever even looked at it. I want to make a button for my regular blog to link to it, but my brother has not taught me how yet. Lame, I know, but we just bought a house and it has commanded all of my attention lately.

I am so glad I came to look at your blog though, I've never made a new friend with my blog before. Thank you.

shell. said...

Minesweeper: I am right there with you. It's impossible. But you can do it! I have faith in you!

Samantha said...

all i am going to say is i toooo feel your pain on this oh my word it's like laughing at you when you get down to the wire and sadly mistake that last lucky lil clickity urrr how i believe there is some minesweeper obama plotting to ruin the game each time hahahah

Britney Jean said...

i just don't understand that game....

and my puppy keeps walking on my keyboard and ruining what i type. so i throw him off. and he comes back.

he thinks it's a game...


Mauri said...

um hi, holy cute blog too! I used to play that game all the time! Love it. But I doubt I'm half as good as you. good luck on your quest to domination. Now I really want to find that game on my compy & play...I don't think I have it though. Sad day.

Yummy I love cake. You should make funfetti cake & then frost it super cute or something on the outside because it's pretty inside & it's pretty much yummm

Uptown Girl said...

oh how i miss minesweeper and wish my work computer had it installed... good luck on your mission. i believe you can do it.