Highhhh there.

Holy snapperfish. My sitereader is going haywire. Thank you Lauren for the nice post :]]

BUT for real. I've had more hits the last few hours than I usually get in ONE day..but no one is commenting. I want to know who you areee {creeper} so we can be bloggyfriendssss so leave me something and our friendship will begin to bloom. SO. This post: introduce yourself {if you aren't one of the 6 or 7 regular commenters <--lol} and post a random "life lesson" you, too, have learned.

Ready, Set, GO! {name that band..}


Klin said...

When it's very quiet and you have kids...they are doing stuff that you don't want them to do. srsly.

You did awesome on Lauren's blog. I was laughing. I've never tasted the markers, but I loves to smell 'em.

Katie said...

Hey Natalie! I just finished reading your post at Lauren's Blog. Fabulous stuff. I shared my own baking soda/baking powder anecdote over there. So, hi, I'm Katie! Let's be bloggy friends. :)

Amanda said...

Hi Natalie! I found my way over here from Lauren's blog. I loved your post so I figured I'd come check out your blog! Just wanted to say hello.

So hello! I'm Amanda. Random life lesson? Life's too short to be angry. Heh. I've learned this the hard way - it's not worth losing friends over something stupid. :)

Alicia Faye said...

I'm Alicia, and I'm just stopping by to say hi. My life lesson? Never quit your job right before a recession. Unless you want to spend the next seven and a half months(and counting) looking for work :)

angieinpink said...

I read your blog everyday you post! (:

Um...as for a life lesson:

Don't cut your hair two inches long when you have a perm. 'cause you'll look like PAT from SNL. *aka me in 9th grade.

Rad Rachel said...

Heyo! Saw your post on Lauren's blog- I think babysitting a blog sounds like the BOMB!

Life lesson: Don't pee your pants at a youth stake dance... ya. That didn't happen..

Sara said...

I'm Sara. I'm not that interesting. A life lesson I've learned is that you need to make sure you have secured the lid on your blender before you turn it on. Unless you just like having Rotel on your ceiling. I just learned this life lesson today, and I am happy to pass it on to you.

You have one more follower than me. I am green with jealousy. Srsly.

Sara said...

Your followers went up two while I was typing that. That's what happens when you get the Face stamp of approval. ;)

Noelle said...

Hi Natalie, I'm sorry that I have no idea who you are, I just read Lauren's/your post and decided to see if I knew you, but then I didn't want to be labeled a creeper, so here's my recent embarrassing story. don't judge me too hard ok--this week my husband asked me if I would turn on the hose for the pool when I came home from work that day. So I did....then left it on. I totally forgot about it. Seriously, the pool was only low by about 2 inches, I left it on ALL night, heard it at 7:30 in the morning and FREAKED out. Eric just laughed and laughed at me. So, if only I could say that the moral of this story is not to listen to your husband--I could get away with so many things;> haha, I wish. Nice to meet you. -Noelle

Ella Press said...

Hi Nat!
Just read/commented your post over at BBL! Amazing (and amazingly true) list!
One more thing came to mind: the microwave problem. Only it wasn't an 8 year-old. It was me. With a milk box (did you know that those have aluminnium inside? I didn't.) OK.

I hope we can be bloggyfriendssss like you said! I love meeting cool people over the net!

I'll try to catch up with your posts...


Valley Girl said...

Um hi....
i love your life lessons post on Laurens blog, and sadly you are a few years too late on some of those. Srsly coulda saved me some humiliation, if only....

Well here's one that might save you...
ALWAYS look to see if the garage is open before putting your car into reverse.
read here for the story:


Ella Press said...

ps: Happy BDay!
Hope you had fun with those whom you love!

Kristina P. said...

I didn't realize you were the same Natalie that was guest posting! Your post totally made me laugh.

the MomBabe said...

Well, I don't want you to think I'm CREEPY.

Here's my life lesson: moving sucks. pony up and hire movers. your sanity will thank you.

Jen said...

I just saw your life lessons on Lauren's blog and I had to come over to say welcome :)

My life lesson..uh..Oh I have a good one: Don't forget to look into your jeans pockets before putting them in the washing machine. You might have just forgotten your keys in it. Well, that's what I've heard *hrem*

RatalieNose said...

Hello Natalie.
You have an awesome name.
My life lesson:
Life is about making commitments, and then trying to keep them.
Loved your post on BBL.
Love your blog background.

Brenn said...

Girl -- you are so cute!! I would love to be bloggy friends, but my blog is kinda boring -- hope you won't hold it against me!

hmmm.... life lessons.... spoons plus kitchen aid equals.... BAD PLAN!!!
My friend and i were making frosting for something, but one of the ingredients was sticking to the top of the bowly-thing, yknow? So, we tried to just hold the spoon in one olace and crape it off, which works in my bosch, but not in her kitchen aid. The spoon, and the powdered sugar (which i just remembered is what was stuck) went EVERYWHERE! We couldn't stop laughing for like an hour. Her mom never let us use the kitchen aid again.... :)

ps -- great job over at lauren's today!

Laura Sue said...

Hi I'm Laura.

I've been here before.

i went goodwilling btw... it stinks, literally... i did find a few things i'm gonna go back for when the lines arent too long!

& great post over at bbl!

Random Life Lesson - Always try to fill your car up with gas before the "low fuel" light comes on. If that light does come on... dont ride around for a few days... chances are, when you finally decide to get gas you'll run out at the red light right beside the gas station thats what happened to me at least... one of my not so favorite days

Britney Jean said...

hi. you MIGHT know me.

i read your blog all the time and i usually comment.

you were a bridesmaid in my wedding.

and we went to vegas together and met big bertha (***dude she's bomb***).

and i learned how to bark like a seal next to you.

annnndddd...life lessons:

**never try to copy a really cute blog idea with me (angieinpink: vision boards) because we will ultimately fail. sorry about that.

**don't drive all the way out to paradise bakery for the SECOND time on labor day because they are closed early and then you won't get the cookies you are now DYYYYYING for.

**don't buy tampons at a store where you know the boy working there that's bagging your stuff. just a bit awkward.

**don't scream when a car is backing out of the driveway about to hit jorge (is that how he spells it?) because n-dub will INEVITABLY scream also and fling the car in the opposite direction so fast you DEFINITELY get whiplash.

i know i'll think of more..

derrickadee said...


Your guest post was great! I was cracking up so hard my dog was giving me the side eye...

My life lesson? That dude at the party that plays the acoustic guitar? He only knows those few songs...don't be impressed.


Katelin said...

sooo um HI. I miss you dearly and love you and um your kinda cool...The End.

cathy_philj86 said...

hello, my name is catherine from philippines.
i've commented few times in lauren's blog and been reading it for months now. you're so hilarious and funny gal. i wish i am funny as you and lauren.
that was really a fun post and very funny too. i created a blog but no post yet. i'm still thinking what to do with it and working my way through it. i don;t know how to make it cool.
I hope we can be bloggy friends!!

Alex said...

So I followed you from Busy Bee...loved your post! My name is Alex, I am a 23-year-old California gal(totally feels like speed dating!)!

My life lesson is always empty your bladder when you have a cold or allergies because sneezing when you kind of have to pee never equals an awesome outcome...that is all!

Natalie said...

Hi Natalie, I'm another Natalie. I feel like this is the highest concentration of Natalie's I've ever been a part of.

Anywho, here's my life lesson. Before you leave, pack some water and a sandwich. You never know how long the journey is going to take.

Rheannan said...

Hey nat-uh-lee! (That's so cute, ps!) I didn't wanna be considered a creeper, so ill comment!! I posted my life lesson on lauren's bloge! Your post was super cute!

Erin said...

Hi there. I stumbled onto your blog from a series of random clicking in attempt to fill the time since my kiddos started school.
Life lesson? Time is funner to pass by clicking on random links than doing laundry. You are one creative/hilarious girly!
Hope you don't mind me stopping by, I promise I am nothing like a creeper.

Mauri said...

hi I'm Mauri & I came here from Lauren's blog too. I'm 23 from the AtotheZ..whoa that rhymed.

My life lesson would have to be...always make sure you take the paper off both sides of cheese before you make a sandwich or it might taste funny & be tough to chew :)

amanda leeann said...

hiiii. amanda would be my name. and i found you through lauren =] your layout is adorable!

life lesson: just because your mom is a hairdresser, doesn't mean your hair is going to look like the picture...ever.

Sarah said...

Hi. I am not a creeper, nor am I creepy.
My life lesson would be...
Ask if the house you are about to move into is haunted, so you don't have to find out that it is on your own. Now that's creepy.

sarah said...

hey i wandered over here from the bee. just wanted to share my life lesson: when you are cooking dinner for the first time for your boyfriend don't use an already opened box of pasta from the cupboard. you might find bugs [aka moth larvae] in your dinner while you're eating it. & that doesn't impress the boyfriend at all. (he ended up marrying me anyway.) it's even worse when your dad brings home his business partner for dinner that night too.... i still haven't lived that down. its been four years.

i think i should post that story on my blog. i never have. hmm...

Uptown Girl said...

oh hi Natalie. No, i'm not a creeper, more of an "over-commenter"! I didn't realize you were the same Natalie that posted on BBL til just now (days late obvi).
The life lesson that I've been learning again and again since pre-school:

Go to the bathroom before you leave the house/work/restaurant/place with facilities. Even if you don't think you have to go right now. Just do it bc in 15 minutes you may wish you had.