So I have this friend. Her name is Brie. I call her Briemo. And we like to take pictures with point-and-shoots. And I get really frustrated when I can't trick the autofocus into depth-of-fielditizing what I want it to. So I pretend my new camera is Brie's kodak. And we get creative. With extremely exotic (erotic?) locations. A la carte. Like cafeteria food. But not on hot-dog Thursdays o.O










Fun huh? Srsly. Thrift store days are ze' best.


Brie said...

goodwillcustomerguy: "i have that camera. it's really nice, huh?"

brie: "uhmm.. *trying to be kind and gentle* yeah. it takes blurry pictures sometimes, though."

goodwillcustomerguy: "well you just gotta hold still when you take the pictures!"

brie: "yeah. shoot. that's got to be it."

next time, better camera.
no buts. yes butts. <3 jo'face.

The Parks Family said...
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Madison said...

start looking for a location for my mission pics cuz you are the only girl for the job! i am so excited!

Samantha said...

how fun digging the super large silverware .... i wonder if someone just thought i am sure someone is just this gigantiasnormus and will neeeeeed these weiiird but such fun pictures you two are adorable!!!

Lauren said...

The FEDORA! You are hot. Seriously...I would date you.

Anyway, please tell me your bought those forks. Please tell me you did! If not, I am going to get them RIGHT now. Seriously.

Connie said...

#2 = my fav

you are both cute.
I luv u.
that is all.

Bryce and Bree said...

You are so cute. The end.

Alexa Mae said...

Hey natalie! Super cute blog and pics. You are simply darling. I need to set you up on a date with my brother Bryce. ;) I'm alex btw! Xoxo

Alexa Mae said...

you might, you just might know him or of him. did you go to mtn view? last name ortiz. curly hair. cousin kelsie sprouse webster. he's 21. goes to asu. hmmm? it is a small world in mesa.

Laura Sue said...

Hi! I just found you through busy bee lauren!
Love your blog!
everyone has been inspiring me to go goodwilling and to yardsales!! I'm planning on going goodwilling this weekend but i dont think our goodwill is as good as everyone elses!

angieinpink said...

holy pitch forks in the first picture! those are

cute,cute, cute pictures. i remember back in the day i used to be a cute thrifter.

i feel old. (:

ps: you are cute. you should date my brother.

Mauri said...

you guys are freaking adorable. AND I SO went to that goodwill on Friday & saw those GINORMOUS fork pick dealios. Whatever the heck they are. That's funny.