..has really good cookies.

Baby cake pan. Born Aug. 13, 2009 at 8:03 PM. 2 oz. 6 inches. Welcome into the world, little child.

Homemade cake board--that's right. Lookit that craftiness {*cough*ghetto}

Nothing like some good ol' scotch tap and alluminum foil.

Failed to remember I had a cake in the oven o.O S'okay, though. I leveled the top and had no intentions on eating it anyway--strictly for decorating.

Ta-da! The cake--in her Tiffany blue goodness. First fondant cake that I made alone.
A few funny things to note:
1) I couldn't find the rolling pin--so I used a hairspray bottle.
2) I lost my CTR ring in the fondant {and found it later--then lost it again. but NOT in the fondant..hopefully}
3) Made funfetti box mix. Again, I wasn't practicing my baking skills, just my designing skillz.
4) Stuffed the bow loops with toilet paper until they set. Fondant tends to fall when it's soft..grrrrrr! {please note the bum-loop that fell before I could save it}
5) I like to think laterally..MTC {more to come}


Britney Jean said...

ummmm...you are amazing.

teach me.

Lauren said...

I freakin am in love with you...in a non-lesbian way. Of course.

The lateral loops on that cake are...stellar.

Bree said...

I love Joe! He's so awesome. And he's my cousin! ps...hot cake! I want to eat it.

Samantha said...

amazing cake miss thang!!!! love it and your basically my baking inspiration can we please have a baking day soon?!?! Mmk thanks

Connie said...

hahaha ctr ring... hahaha!

Laura Sue said...

first fondant cake - great job!! mad cake skills you've got!

Mauri said...

freakin cute cake. I heart it.

The One Who Bakes At Midnight said...

You totally inspired me.
So you got a blog shout out.
Mine was a fail compared to yours.
You are fabulous!