Here comes the bride!

After much anxiety, 3 advil, some diet coke, and 2 cupcakes, I present to you...

Natalie's first Wedding.

No, I didn't get married. Nor
do I plan on having any number
of weddings greater than one.
(Which, I must say, is going to be
THE wedding of all weddings).

I simply tried my hand out at
the whole "wedding-photog" fuss.
I'm not sure how well I did. Or if
it's something I'd like to pursue in
efforts to get better :-P It is super
tiring. Holy smokes. One day, however,
I would love to be like Holly Shumacher.

WOW. Check her out. Uhm hi you're amazing, Holly.
Here is a sneak preview:











*The room was lit by candles and lowlamps. Natalie+flash=disaster.
So cut me a break, mmkayy?*


Nick & Kristin said...

beautiful. you are so good. i'm loving the edits and the angles. so awesome

Kristina P. said...

I think you've done a fabulous job!

Britney Jean said...

i think you did a great job!

i can't wait to see the rest.

and Quinci is adorable.


Miss Marie said...

They are great. I like how you photographed things that people would most likely over look. I love it. Great job! You have talent.

Lauren Elizabeth Crazypants said...

i think they are lovely!
weddings are so much fun!

Nat said...

THese look amazing so far! Good job!

Busy Bee Lauren said...

I LOVE them. I saw them on facebook before I ran out the door, so I didn't have time to comment...but I will now.

You are amazing. And so talented!

Love you.

Jess said...

Number five is the most adorable picture.

you're super talented!

angieinpink said...

no breaks needing to be cut because they are aaaallll fabulous.

talent on a stick. seriously.