Lame blog post. Sorry.

pirouette across the atlantic

Okay I am seriously dying over this outfit.
And I am about 4 hops and a step away from purchasing that skirt.
And trench.
Seriously. Come winter time I live in pea coats and scarves.
This site is really cool, if you've never been there.
Check it out. You can see outfits, and it links you to the
sites of the individual pieces :]


Haylee Abney said...

gaahhhh that is so cutte!!! that website is thee best.
i love vintage inspired clothes, for sure. especially in fall/winter!! i can't wait, either!

Kristina P. said...

Fall is my favorite time of year. My friend and I were discussing all the awesome clothing for fall. I love the colors, tweed, herringbone, etc.

Samantha said...

uhmm okay can we say gahhhh i am died right now the skirt is so legit and the trench um yes ones please!!! dear life connect me to the clothing mind of natalie cause im prettied sure were similar as in pie and the number mannnny things that make a whole greatness!!!!!!! and tell machiavelli i said whats up

Mauri said...

ahhh!! LOVE IT ALL!! I love cooler weather so jackets & scarves are allowed. So cute!!

cathy_philj86 said...

i wish we have fall season here in the philippines therefore no scarves. i like the clothes though.. :D

RatalieNose said...

I can't wait till it feels like fall....LOVE that otufit!
Those shoes and hat are TO DIE FOR!

ChristineMarie said...

Hi um NOT lame blog post, I love it

heidi lou said...

yeah, you should dress me. just sayin.