Tempted Town Lake

That's right..I told you that this blog was going
down the tubes and transforming into a Canon t1i bloggage place.

So let us commence:

Tempe town lake+nighttime+long shutter speed+self-made tripod=

You like??

Okay. Here is the game. You give me an emotion/situation/random object. And I find a way to combine it all in a picture.

Ready, set, GO!


Lauren said...

I love the first picture the bestest! You are amazing.

I can't wait until Monday!

Love You!

Erin said...

Beautiful pics!! I may have to get in touch with you for some fun/cool family pics. I am a little tired of the brick wall background!

erin said...

good job girl! looks like the homemade tripod did the job!

Emily said...

You're a pimp.

That is all.

Emotion: bemusement

Situation: talking with your hands

Random word: William Blake

(Turn that shit into a picture.)

Tyler and Becky Allen said...

you're a nerd.
sincerely, beckSTAR.
ps. you got style.

Connie said...

Dude love them!! I'm totally catching up on blogging- it's been a few days since I logged on. I didn't love the separation :p

I really wish I could contribute to the game.. but I'm brain dead at this late hour... fallin.g..as.sl..eeeaap3rjlnv..drool.

Emily Sue said...

ooo! i love these! to answer your question you left on my blog.. i'm not going to byu! i'm going to idaho ahh! i'm leaving tommorow. woop!

RatalieNose said...

Emotion: In love
Situation: In the rain
Object: A pillow

James & Prilly said...

Baby weiners, of course.
Rocco and Roman. They need your camera. Maybe just in time for a trip to the Utah slopes?