Opinionated much?

Natalie's personal{OVER-RATED}non preferential list
Natalie, you are not Angelina Jolie..so why would I give a hootie-owl what you like/don't like/thing is uber gay to the spice? Well, non-existent dialectee, I frankly don't know why you would. But if you do, I shall reveal to you some shinazz that I believe to be lame to the sauce. Drum roll, please..

1. The Swine Flu.
Some poor five year-old coughs and suddenly he's getting rushed to the E.R to have needles
jabbed into his tricep. Uhmmhi nothanks.

2. "Spanish is replacing English.."
Sometimes I really, really, really love school. Today was one of those days. I only like school on certain occassions, however--when it involves public speaking, when I can associate math into a conversation, and when I can argue with some punks who have no idea what they're talking about. Even if they do..better, allthemore. Today was one of those days. Our online discussion board prompt: "Will Spanish replace English in America?". I thought my political brains were going to explode all over the computer screen. People are so out of control. I'll copy and paste my irritated response. Somewhat haphazard. I wrote it as I was answering phones at work. Just sayin'.

Personally, I feel as though people are being too dramatic when it comes to the issue of Spanish "replacing" the English language. There is no doubt that the population of Spanish-speakers is certianly increasing. But that's not to say that they're going to overpopulate America, take control of the government, and impose the Spanish language on all United States citizens. Which is essentially what would have to occur in order for Spanish to dominate English in a primarily English-speaking country.

That's not to say Spanish won't become an increasingly popular language AMONG English-speakers. Even so, what's the harm in surrounding yourself in a second language? Isn't cultural diversity something that should be embraced? Sadly, it seems that many drape their eyes with the shield of ignorance and intolerance. <--HAHA lame preopsitional metaphor for the win.

Diverse acceptance shouldn't lay on the line of political party affiliation, race, or personal bias. It shoud equate to the underlying principle of HUMAN justice. Are we all not members of that race?

Personally, if anyone is "defiling" the English language, it's us. Lol. Srsly? 4 realz? Lyke omg!1
Get my point, d00d?

Robert Pattinson.
You know..the imposter "Edward Cullen". The one who looks/talks/possesses the same mannerisms as a paranoid schizophrenic? Yeah that guy. Spare me.

4. "Dumb" Blondes.
Or brunettes, for that matter. Woman: EMBRACE YOUR INTELLIGENCE. Elle Woods is a fictional character. It doesn't work that way in real life.

5. Ed Hardy.
Because everyone loves to wear bull dogs, swords and skulls in obnoxiously bold colors. Right? Oh..wait..

6. iPhone.
Touch screen is the epitome of teh-annoying-ness. *pokes #4* {Ohh, right Natalie..};

7. Twitter.
I have my own priorities to worry about. I don't need to worry about J-Lo's workout schedule, too. "I know that Michael Jordan likes his eggs overeasy". Don't worry about it..


Britney Jean said...


and ed hardy? i've NEVER liked it. but you used to be OBSESSED. i remember shopping with you and then i hear, "OMG. ED HARDY. LOOOOOOOOVE IT!"


and yes. of course i'll be at the wedding on friday. duh. :)


heidi lou said...

Rob Pattinson is such a tool. for real. (there's no tool in this pool..haha) He's ruined Edward Cullen for me.

I have a twitter, I confess. mostly because I have random thoughts throughout the day, and feel the need to share them, but don't want bother a live person with a text. so I text a machine. lame, I know.

Brie said...

ha. kay, i have comments on pretty much all of these.

1. tell me about it. i have to hear all about how the swine flu is going to kill us all. everyday. in global health. (don't take that class everr)

2. "como te llamas?" *crapfingers* "mi nombre es bryanne." (i think i'll be ok)

3. i've never thought he was cute. bite me. (pun?)

4. srsly. the worst is when you KNOW they're smart but they WANT to be a "dumb blonde"

5. always hated this. but i agree with britbrit, you used to LOVE it. lol. i'm so glad you got over that phase.

6. ew. the iphone is nice, i'll admit it, but what if that screen cracks?? there goes $400. nbd.

7. i don't get it either. but it's fun. sometimes. aka once a month.

8. play with me friday after the wedding? kkcool.

Brie said...


Lauren said...

Ed Hardy? Siiiick. Do people really wear that crap?

Rob Pattinson...wish Edward was Paul Wesley.


Alexa Mae said...

you crack-a-me-up!! this was the best/ so true. loved it!!

Connie said...

Ed Hardy is cool, Ed Hardy is hip! Bahaha. Oh I love you...

I miss your face too. We must, MUST eat our weight in sugary deliciousness ASAP! Name the day and I'm there.

ps. Twitter? Couldn't agree more. Thank you.

Kristina P. said...

Robert Pattinson! YES!!!! He is fugly!

RatalieNose said...

Amen to 1 3 4 and 7. ESPECIALLY 3!!!! Because of HIM I swichted to team jacob just for the movies!