The academy is..

So I have a big decision to make.
We're talking super super big.
Like "should we invade Afghanistan" big.

What in the Sam Hill am I going to be for Halloween?

Brie and I have brainstormed. And this is the list:
1) Book ends (tehe)
2) The Declaration of Independence: so what if I'm a wonk. Lay off.
3) The Commerce Clause (again, wonk).

I've already consulted my magic eight ball, phoned a friend, and called Dr. Phil.
But to no avail.

Please help me. Kthankss.

PS New layout. Yup. I made the banner. Lamespice? Probably.
But it matches. So lay off :]]


Stephdeezy said...

Umm so totally guilty of commenting more than enough tonight on your blog...your banner = not lamespice. K srsly don't fret.

Halloween hmm I have had the same dilemma...Danny and I have three choices for our couples contest and umm he is hating on all of them. For a boy who loves halloween and loves dressing up I cannot seem to please him with the choices i've given him :(

Want to hear what they are??

K cool so Ricky and Lucy! Ah I love Lucy and I already have a costume from a few years back...way easy to do. And so fun! He isn't too sure about the whole Ricky thing. LAME

He'll be my ketchup to my mustard. You should see these costumes-I mean srsly so funny! I think they rock-he doesn't. Again LAME

And lastly {drumroll please} raggedy Ann and Andy! Ha ha I know right? Ridonkulous! But I have the wigs from when I was lil bitty thang in grade school. He didn't seem to down on this one...but he is still skeptic. Again LAME! Ha ha so now that I have overstayed my welcome and overused a word one too many times I nominate the book ends! Ha ha so FUNNY! The possibilities are endless at how many directions you can take it!

Brie said...

YESSS! thanks for making this post. we need to come up with something. i mean hello, bookends? we're desperate.

and this is what she said... said...

Cute new page.

I make my banner always, and its not lame-spice.

book ends ROCK, that idea is genius! :)

Connie said...

actually the banner is my favorite! I wish I had ideas....

why not just be an 8 ball? I'm going to be if Im ever big and prego on halloween

Nick & Kristin said...

I'm obsessed with how cute your new banner is. I love how Christmas-y it is and then you talk about halloween. book ends are awesome. i say go with that. Nick and I are going as Harry and Ginny :)

Lauren said...

I LOVE the header! It is darlin'!

And I have zero ideas, and for that...I apologize.

angieinpink said...

i really like your banner. as in really, really like.

i vote declaration of independence. that's awesome.

Anonymous said...

invade afghanistan? we already did that 8 years ago before we invaded iraq. the super big question now is whether to send more troops. just thought you should know that