oh haighh

So I have this piece of metal..some people call it a car.
I call it a time bomb, in essence that at any given moment it is going
to explode, and leave me on the side of the road in smithereens.
Don't get me wrong, Jorge and I have had lots of memories.
Bottoming out over speed bumps, jamming out to T-Swift, making three-hour journeys
up north...heck, he even holds two snowboards comfortably.
However, I lost confidence in Jorge one day when he died on me..in the middle of the road.
Really, died. Just shut off. As I was getting on the freeway.
Yeah, NOT COOL, bff!
So we took him to get fixed, and of course the old greasy guys
couldn't find the actual problem, but managed to rack up $1200 in other
"pressing issues of importance".
Hello, my blogging friends, let me introduce you to a grim reality in the auto-world:
if they say it's imminent, it's probably just to steal your money.
$1200 later, and my car runs worse than it did when I took it in initially.
Now explain that one to me.
Dear blog world,
Please pray for me as I embark on day-to-day
tasks of commuting around the state of Arizona.
Pray that I don't become simple remnants aside the
desert highways of A-to-the-Zona. Remnants of the House
of Jorge. Yeah yeah..I sure did.
<3, Natalie


shell. said...

Jorge looks pretty.... cars are very fooling that way, i guess!

I also dislike the car industry. Many a time have my family's cars been taken in to fix something "important" when it's NOT.

Praying for you. Please don't become remnants on the highway!!! Who else is going to make me laugh on a day-to-day basis!?!?!
Stay Safe!

Kentucky Blonde said...

ah i feel like i am always having car troubles!! good luck with yours! ...my advice: just turn up the t.swift tunes so you can't even hear the troubles of the car!

Connie said...

Car troubles are the worst! I feel for ya on losing the 1200... ouch.

ps. Jorge, don't burst into smithereenes, plz.

Lindsay, Dano and Navy said...

You and Jorge are in my prayers!!!

Britney Jean said...

car mechanics = liars.

just one of the plain and simple truths of life.

poor jorge. i miss adventures with him.

Lauren Elizabeth Crazypants said...

jorge is mighty fine looking!

yes, those auto people are just out to get you. they talk about fixing things that i swear they make up!

stay safe! :)

Sarah said...

I love the fact that I am not the only one who names their cars!

Lcurls said...

find a mormon mechanic. like for reals. Cuz mechanics are probably the most untrusted peices of.. POO.
i dont like them, thats why i read stuff about cars so if they lie to me, I know about it.

Alexa Mae said...

cuteness nat! love it and your new blog layout. and love you!

Brie said...

guuurl, i donno who you be trying to fool with that picture.

jorge ain't that clean.

angieinpink said...

a. don't die
b. you're hilarious
c. cars are a black hole into which you pour money
d. sorry about the 1200

Amanda said...

Okay, i'm not really a blog commenter but i used to drive a dark blue bug too. And get this, it was named JOSE. This is insanity. I just had to get that crazy coincidence out there. That's all.