Dead in the membrane

So I thought I simply had a bad case of writer's block,
when I sat down to write my essay tonight. I'd like to touch on two things:

1) BAD idea to choose Anthropologie's website as a corporation web page to rhetorically
examine..I spent more time "examining" than writing--true story.
2) It's not just writer's block; it's brain block.

I think my brain died.
Black-flowers-casket kind of death.

-Everytime i go to think, I just see an image of scrambled eggs.
-Headache. The no-my-head-is-not-an-accordian-please-stop-doing-that
kind of headache.
-My neck's sore. Does that count?

WebMD diagnosed me with a brain tumor. Again.

Looks like I have 3 months to live, folks.
Interweb-doctor said.
I've survived a grand total of 13 months past my last 3 death-dates
so perhaps fate will be in my luck again.

I can't make this stuff up, my brain's dead--remember?




Lauren Elizabeth said...

i love that site.

ugh, i know that headache.
happens to me around midterms...

Nat said...

um that headache happens to me every time i even think about doing homework. i think i am conditioned to not want to do it and my head knows it is obviously not good for me. think it's warning me? i think so. ugh homework.

The Daughter said...

WebMd told me I had ringworm once.
It was just dry skin :(

Nick & Kristin said...

I love WebMD and MayoClinic. I'm on them all the time. I have a fear of having symptoms that apparently are normal... :P

{megs in wonderland} said...

bahahahaha this is the greatest post i have ever read! you make me laugh!! i am gonna go to webmd and see what they diagnose me for! such fun! ...but really.

Lauren said...

WebMd has put me into a frenzy several times!

RatalieNose said...

My brain feels like it was thrown in a blender and someone pressed the Puree button.