The following letter is to a commenter on a post a few days ago;
I am Natalie W, and I approve this message.
Dear Anonymous,
Yes, I am fully aware that we invaded Afghanistan
in 2001. In fact, I have devised my own foreign policy on the
issue, in entirety. Whether you meant to sound belittling
or simply informative, I know not. However, I
am well-educated on the form of politics and history of the last
few administrations (I'm only 19, I wasn't alive for all that good stuff prior..
still learning), thus I try to be a productive citizen
and make due with the accumulated knowledge.
I simply made reference to Afghanistan to emphasize the
attention my Halloween-costume-decision needed.
Not to naively state such decision was in the making.
Yep, self-centered. No, not ignorant.
Sorry, that was bothering me all day. Do come chat with me
about politics whenever you feel inspired, though.
I enjoy it, thoroughly. Also, I highhhhly recommend this
article from the NY Times, written by journalist David Rohde.
(This applies to everyone..he was taken and held hostage for 7 months while
reporting as a journalist in Afghanistan
before escaping and making it back to America).
Link found below.




Marci Darling said...

People who leave anonymous comments are weak.

Your blog is so great! :D

Mari said...

nice...i saw that and it was bugging me too.

while I'm all about hearty discussions on politics and worldviews I think that if you're going to say something have the guts to add a face and backup to your comments...

like you did =)

Sasha Liz said...

Team Nat-uh-lee.
Anonymous comment = fail

Stu and Angie Milne said...

hi! i just met you tonight at mandy's. remember me? right, i was the awkward one that said you are famous. bahaa. guhhh sorry about the weirdy anonymous commenter, i don't like that they even have that option. and people that use it are lame.

ps. pleeeeease tell me you were in reimer's gov class and are now a WONK. your post just reminded me so much of her!

Connie said...

"i'm natalie and I approve this message."

!!!! you are a blogging genius. I love you!

Anonymous said...

so tell me wise one what we should do in afghanistan? lay out your "foreign policy in its entirety" please.
thank you

Anonymous said...

what's up with all these married couples having their wedding photos taken at the train tracks?

marriage = train wreck
ha ha ha
okay i get it now

still interested in your foreign policy ideas btw

train wrecks.
whatcha gonna do?

Stu and Angie Milne said...

i don't think anyone owes you anything, especially since you wont put a face behind your unwarranted comments.

thanks for commenting on my blog and convincing me to get rid of the "anonymous" option! have a happy day :)

Anonymous said...

no prob stu :)

Anonymous said...

i personally love this anonymous commenter. don't know who you are but, you are quite hilarious. so in tribute. here i am-another anonymous commenter.

Natalie said...

just out of curiousity..

do i know you?
is your name..emily smith? :D

Natalie said...

all hail anonymity!!!!!!!
is it weird if i comment anonymously on my own blog to join the fad?

Anonymous said...

I say do it. It would make this string of comments more epic. In other words I believe that the first anonymous blogger wasn't trying to make you look ignorant or anything else. Maybe just trying to be informative, and then all this happened. Let the small things slide ladies, and don't let an anonymous blogger bother you.

Alexandria said...

Okay this post cracked me up! You are too funny...

I love young people who truly love politics...it makes me happy I am not the only one. Even though I am 95% sure we are on opposite sides of the aisle!

I live for political talks...yet can never have them because people are SO touchy about it. It always turns into a fight which is lamespice!

RatalieNose said...

Nat-uh-Lee = Awesome!!