Dear Santa,

My friend doesn't really like you. He says "Santa" is just "Satan" with a misplaced n. I, however, love your fat self. Sorry, phat*. With a ph. Not an f, definitely not an f. I mean, you are galaxies cooler than the easter bunny. Man-sized rabbit hopping around throwing candy at kids? Sounds a little sketch. And cupid? Put some clothes on before you get hit with a public indecency suit. I do believe, however, you have some contending to do with Phil Radford, executive director of Greenpeace. Arbor day is becoming an increasingly popular holiday. At Berkeley. Anywhom. Just thought I would show you some of the amazingness I would like from you this season.

1) this outfit from modcloth. Shoes also. Heeyyyyyyy!

2) Canon Zoom EF 28-200mm f/3.5-5.6 USM <3>
3) So vintage I love ittt.

4) The new Owl City CD

5) Photography talent

Thanks, St. Nick. You da, you da best.

Yours truly,
Arizona, United States
3°39′54″N 114°13′15″W


brooke said...

hah thats Pepperblossom's head band! ahhhhh i love it! Nat you are SO FREAKING CUTE! and creative. and you have inspired me to take a photo class next semester. yippy! :) now i just have to get a nice camera...OooOOoooOOooo....:/

Lauren Elizabeth Crazypants said...

that coat is lovely! along with the other wishes!

i happen to think santa is the!

Miss Marie said...

Cute pics, and yeaaaa i love santa!!

pepperblossom decor said...

You got it! On us! Come to our next open house and there will be a bag with your name on it and a Merry Christmas! Glad you like it! Your DARLING!

rachel schlappi said...

there is a new owl city cd?? ahhh i am in love with them. i need that.

Stephdeezy said...

Umm that coat is magnificent! I love it! So adorable. And the new Owl City CD spectacular! They were in Denver this weekend SOLD OUT for weeks in advance and amazing or so I hear. I was in bed with a cast :( BOO

Lauren said...

You already have STELLAR photo skills!

I want the Owl City CD so bad.

That outfit is so so so cute!

The Daughter said...

Is it weird that I have the exact taste as you?!

Nick & Kristin said...

did you know I know how to make flowery clips/headbands like that? Imma post about it soon

Connie said...

You've already got #5, hon. Add something else! baha! I love the coordinates.

Britney Jean said...

hmmm...i need to make one of these.

mostly so the hubbs knows what to get me.


any advice on good cameras? as you already know...mine sucks.

RatalieNose said...

DUDE you don't need talent from The Man, youve already got it guuurl!