I died a little bit inside

I get discouraged a lot. The latest source of disgruntlement has been rather recent.
Recent = the last 23 minutes.
You see, last night, Sarah and I bought some cookie dough,
ice cream anda holographic ghost balloon..nbd.
As I was proceeding to check-out, my eyes
shot over to the "Fry's special": CUPCAKES. Individual, might I add*. Hello. To anyone
who knows me, they will testify of this Natalie-celestial-kingdom-on-earth sale. True story.
So of course, I bought myself a cup of heaven.
That's not even the important part.
Now that I have you intensely captivated, let me just tell you that I FORGOT about this little guy last night.
Which is just not my character--nope.
I usually have them babies' gone
before I get home. Sugar rarely survives it's 21 minute duration.
Nt = N0e − λt
That, above, is a half-life equation. Let me just say it 'aint got nothing on my sugar-intake
Okay, Natalie..back to the story. Right. So I'm in statistics this afternoon, dreaming
about being anywhere else
(seriously..that class makes Azkaban seem like Disneyland),
when it hits me: I had a marvelous work and a wonder awaiting my endulgances at home.
So, that salivating thought got me through stats, institute, the 40 minute drive home, and the dead bird my car and I encountered on the way (sorry, little guy..).
928 homework assignments later (and zero intelligence increase, mind you), I bolt into the
kitchen to feast upon my treat. My chocolate-cuppycake-with-white-frosting-and-oreos.
All mine. Om nom nom..
Whipped cream frosting?!?! Ew. Seriously?!
Worst way to end a day. Ever.
Epic fail *facepalm*
I am not happy.


Natalie said...

That's the funniest post I've read in a long time!

Hi buttercream. I need you in my belly. Now.

Miss Marie said...

tooo darn funny girlfriend!

The Daughter said...

This is quite possibly the funniest thing I have read in months...and I get over 100 posts in my reader a day so that is saying a lot.

You made my day.

Lauren Elizabeth Crazypants said...

bummer, major!

but just use it as an excuse to buy another cupcake!

Britney Jean said...

no purely eating the frosting off the top of that sucker.

you should have gotten the ones your mom got that one time.

frosting = yum
cupcake = not so much
fridge = full of cupacakes without frosting

Lauren Curleyhair said...

k fry's special means = SICK TO THE NAST. haha did you get that cupcake for a dollar in a separate box all for itself..? yeah. I say you make cupcakes with cherry chip cake mix, and some cool whip. delish..

p.s.- your freaking funny. And.. I hate statistics.

Summer said...

whipped cream frosting is a disgrace to frostings everywhere! IT'S NOT FROSTING!! DISGUSTO!!