My life is average.

Today, I went to pour myself a bowl of Cap'n Crunch. A plastic-wrapped shark toy fell out.
My Life Is Average.

If any of you have every been to then you know the 43 minutes of happiness I just experienced while reading it. If you haven't checked the site out, you should. I posted my favorites from today below:

"Today, I read that when NASA first started sending astronauts in space they discovered that ball point pens didn't work in zero gravity. They spent a decade and 12 billion dollars to develop a pen that would write in zero gravity, upside down, under water, on any surface and tempatures that reached 300 degrees below zero. The Russians used a pencil. MLIA

Today, I bought a fancy new black SUV Hummer. When I went to pick up my son from school, I put on a black suit, dark shades, and my blue-tooth earpiece. I waltzed into his last period class 10 minutes before it was over, and announced "Agent 03, It's time to go" At which point he nodded and packed his belongings and ran out. The face on his teacher was priceless. I hope my boss understands why I had to miss work. MLIA.

Today was Halloween and I was passing out candy at my house. The old man (about 85) who lives down the street from me said trick or treat when he came to my door. He wasn't dressed in a costume so I asked him what he was. His reply, "I'm Benjamin Button. I'm 7, but I look a lot older." I gave him extra candy. MLIA

Today, I was eating an Almond Joy, but half way through I realized that it had no I can't stop smiling because I just ate pure joy. MLIA

Today, I went for a job interview today. As soon as I got off the elevator, I saw there was a nerf gun war going on in the office. I walked up to the front desk and asked if I should come at a later time. She said no and handed me a gun "this is your interview". MLIA.

Today I got my report card and I realised that I had received the following grades: A for Accounting, B for Biology, C for Chemistry.
My parents fail to see how this is an achievement. MLIA

Today, I finally managed to say "Piii...kaa.." before I sneezed. I was on the subway, and the guy sitting opposite me started laughing really hard and then went: "Your life is average!" I shall never underestimate the power of this website. MLIA"

Is your life average?


Marci Darling said...

I make this website a part of my daily routine.

And here was my MLIA moment for today:

I was leaving for work and grabbed my penguin bank full of coins to cash in at Coinstar. I ran out of time and ended getting stuck at work until midnight. I really needed a coke, but realized I had no cash on me. Then I stood at the vending machine counting out $1.25 in nickles out of the penguin bank I happened to have in my purse. MLIA

Mari said...

I am totally addicted to MLIA too!! and it's so bad because I'll read during lecture and then start to laugh and have to do that whole bite my lips, suck in my cheeks thing to not star giggling in the middle of lecture.

teach me to read it during class- but it's so addicting =)

Nick & Kristin said...

haha! that is so awesome! I especially loved the parent going to get their son and calling him "agent" haha

Sarah said...

this is hilarious!

and my life is quite average. ugh.

1autumn said...

This post has changed my life haha now I'm addicted to this site!

Connie said...

lol! How is it that I have not heard of this blog? I must go read...

Connie said...

er *website.

shell. said...

My favorite I've seen lately:

Today, I was called to the main office. They said I had a family emergency and that I was given permission to go home by my mother. When I got home, I called her right away to see what was going on. She told me she forgot to harvest her strawberries on Farmville and she wants me to harvest them before they die. I was too late. MLIA.

rachael marie said...

mlia is the shiz. favorite website everr! love your blog! you never fail to make me laugh!

Emily Sue said...

oh my word curse you!!! i've been addicted to this website now for like the whole day!! i actually love you for introducing it to me! i tried but, it's blocked...DARN! haha thanks for the tip!

Lauren Elizabeth said...

i always go on that website for a study break! so funny!

MLIA for sure!

Anonymous said...

i love that site...but i like better! check it out.

love your blog, btw.