rudolph is for lovers

This time of the year has always been a favorite of mine.
It has a unique aroma of cinnamon, pine and...cactus.
Rent-a-Claus jingles his Salvation Army bell outside of local Walmarts.
And Delilah's voice isn't the most unnerving sound I've ever heard, as it is any other time of the year.
Point is, I love Christmas.

Moving on..

My mom likes to get her Christmas shopping done by the second week in November. This, essentially, cramps my style, since I'm a live-free-die-hard kinda' girl. I spontaneously decide to take up a new hobby, or to invest my life's savings into buying [insert noun here]. So having to decide my entire years' adventures ahead of time is..tough.

Then you have my step mom, who is the complete opposite. Last year I got a text Christmas Adam (..Christmas Eve Eve - you know, because Adam came before Eve) asking me what I wanted. Love it.

However this year, it is simple.
There is no room on my list for a festive assortment of Anthropologie and Urban Outfitter commodities. My wish list has been cut to a very short, yet exorbitant itemization of boringness:
1) LSAT Prep Course. It's only $1200. So long, Christmas and birthday.
2) LSAT Books. I'm sure they'll duel-function as..door stoppers.
3) IF I get lucky, I am asking those who love me *cough*the parentals to treat me to non-educational luxuries, and have compiled a list of church books I want :]
*Deciding to graduate early has brought about the grim realization that I actually have to make something out of my prior 14 years of education. stuph. ;)

Fact of the matter: Natalie will remain frumpy for the next year. However, she will progress to become a highly-educated ball of frumpiness.

You win some, you lose some.


Connie said...

Smashing Christmas list. I'd be slightly depressed to open that up on Christmas morning (well besides the church books, let's say) but at least you can put educational material/literature to good use... and not just in brightening that future of yours. Oh the possibilities...door stopper.. paper weight, fire starter, book end (yes, I use books as book ends)
Endless possiblities there, I say! Endless! And a Merry Christmas to you (;

Lindsay, Dano and Navy said...

I can't wait for Christmas!!! So fun! Just wait till you get married and your wish list will become non existant! Lameness!

Dustin Nickerson and Kylee Robinson said...

I just wanted to leave a comment and let you know I read your blog all the time and regularly leave laughing! You pick up my day! Thanks for letting me know I'm not the only one "wasting" my wonderful Christmas and Birthday years with overpriced school necessities (that we use once during the semester!) Ha ha! Thanks Natalie!